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Not perfect! Dota 2 Re-Updates the Matchmaking System

Not perfect!  Dota 2 Re-Updates the Matchmaking System

Making improvements to the matchmaking system has been a focus of Dota 2 over the last few months. Several changes to the matchmaking system, such as eliminating ranked roles, as well as the fast queue and slow queue systems, have become Valve’s attempt to improve the Dota 2 matchmaking system. A few hours ago, Valve again updated the Dota 2 matchmaking system.

The change that Valve is trying in this matchmaking update is the elimination of the fast queue and slow queue and replacing them with two matchmaking modes, namely Ranked Roles and Ranked Classic. To be able to play Ranked Roles, you must play by selecting all roles. This is the same as how to get a fast queue in the previous matchmaking update.

Ranked Classic is a system that replaces the slow queue. Just like ranked matches in the upper level bracket in the previous update, you can’t choose a role in Ranked Classic. So, if you play in this mode, those of you who are in a low bracket can certainly be fighting for roles like when Ranked Roles were not free.

Valve made this change because it considered the slow and fast queue system unable to produce matches with good quality.

They also removed the system where you can get or lose MMR randomly. Previously, you could only get 10 MMR when you win, but lose 40 MMR if you lose. Players have complained about this, so it makes perfect sense for Valve to remove this system in the latest Dota 2 matchmaking update.

Instead, currently you will get 30 MMR if you win solo, and get 20 MMR when you win with a party. However, they did not mention the amount of MMR that will be lost when we lose.

What do you think? Are you satisfied with this new Dota 2 matchmaking update? If not, what do you think could be improved?


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