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Death Mask! The Reason Why Awe Mask Mobile Legends Doesn't Sell

Death Mask!  The Reason Why Awe Mask Mobile Legends Doesn't Sell

Gear roaming, which was introduced some time ago, did not immediately get a positive response, as evidenced by the narrative of one of the Pro Players in Mobile Legend GGWP.ID who said “Not all players understand the use of Gear Roaming, especially epic ranks and below!”

But not a few also really understand the use of this one gear, usually players with Mythic rank and above already know very well how to use the gear with this mask symbol. But from the three existing roaming gear, namely Awe Mask, Shadow Mask and Courage Mask, it turns out that Awe Mask Mobile Legends is the one that is rarely used and doesn’t sell well.

We tried to find out why Awe Mask became the most unsold roaming gear, by doing a little Q&A with professional MLBB players from GGWP.ID naturally. Here are their answers.

Previously, we discussed what the function of this Awe Mask is, so that from here you can draw your own conclusions about the uses and functions of this one gear.

Awe Mask gives a stun effect for 1.5 seconds if the opponent’s hero is hit by you, followed by five hits from teammates.

Interesting right? Heroes who previously did not have crowd control skills, can now stun enemy heroes.

But this is all really useless, why?

Already Many Heroes Have CC Skills

When compared to heroes who don’t have CC abilities with those who have CC abilities, heroes who have this ability are clearly more. Surely every composition of the playing team will obviously have at least one or more heroes who have CC abilities.

Doesn’t Have a Big Impact

When compared to its two brothers, namely Courage Mask and Shadow Mask, this Awe Mask does not have a large enough impact or contribution to the team if a total war occurs. Indeed, according to the MLBB pro player from GGWP.ID that roaming gear must be able to have a big impact on team movement.

For example, by using Courage Mask, you can give additional attack attributes to your fighter and marksman. Then if you use a Shadow Mask, you can increase the ganking ability of the hero composition used by your team.

Too expensive

For gear sizes with a price of 1750 gold, Awe Mask is arguably too expensive gear. Too expensive in terms of the effects given are not worth what we pay. 1750 gold only for stun effect for 1.5 seconds with cooldown for 50 seconds.

Even some heroes’ stun skills have a faster cooldown time than this Awe Mask.

That was the opinion of some MLBB Pro Players GGWP.ID, what do you think?


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