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Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends Latest Skin Johnshon 2021

Johnson Wreck King Mobile Legends Latest Skin Johnshon 2021

Until now, there have been lots of skins presented by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game. This skin has different types and prices, until now the most expensive skin is still held by Skin Legend. This time there is the latest Johnson Wreck King ML Skin Johnshon 2021

Usually the Hero who gets a Skin, will definitely get a Buff for the next update. This has often happened in the Mobile Legends game, so don’t be surprised if there is a massive Buff on the Hero.

Until this year 2021, many new skins are presented by the developer of the Mobile Legends game, namely Moonton. One of them is the Skin Epic Limited which is presented once a month, this is a skin that is quite expensive.

Because you have to spend 4000 Diamonds to make it possible to get the Skin. One of the skins that has been released in this Lucky Box is Johnson’s Skin.

Johnson now has 2 epic skins, namely SABER Automata and Wreck King. However, this Epic Limited Skin is owned by Johnson Wreck King, the newest Johnshon 2021 skin

The Johnson Wreck King ML Skin has a very cool and different model from other Johnson Skins. Usually other Johnson skins turn into an ordinary Car, but for this Skin it will turn into a very sharp and strong Drill Car.

So that’s what makes Skin Johnson very expensive and becomes Skin Epic Limited.

On this occasion we will discuss the Johnson Wreck King ML Skin.

Curious? Immediately, we see the explanation in the article below, yes.

Johnson Wreck King ML New Skin Johnshon 2021

Mobile Legends

Johnson has a shape like a very strong Iron Drill Car, besides that Johnson’s colors are more dominant in yellow and silver. In this skin, Johnson is not holding an ax or pliers but he is holding a sharp giant drill.

For his Shield, he carried a large Yellow Door. Besides being large, the strength of the Shield’s defense is quite strong. This is what makes Skin Johnson look quite Unique and deserves to be an Epic Limited Skin.

Johnson Wreck ML With great Ultimate Effect

When you hit an enemy, a damage area will appear with a color. In addition, the Additional Effect for this Johnson Wreck King ML skin is the appearance of the police Yellow Line which makes it even better than before.

Of course, this is one of the influencing factors why Skin Wreck King is very expensive and rare.

Cool Drill Car Shape

The last thing that makes this new Skin Johnson Wreck King ML 2021 Johnshon Skin so good is his Ultimate Change into a Drill Car. But more dominant to the Combat Car. Unlike previous Skins that look like friendly Cars. For the latest Johnson Wreck King Skin Johnshon 2021, it’s more like not looking at friends or enemies.

If Johnson who uses this Skin has changed, then you have to find a good hiding place. Because your existence will be threatened.

Now that’s the thing that makes the JJohnson Wreck King ML Skin so cool. What do you think? Are you interested in buying this skin? So that you can get this Skin, then just wait for the Epic Chest event which is usually present at certain events.

That’s all, Thank you.

Source: My Esports

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