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How to Unlock an 8 Ball Pool Account on Android & Facebook Easily

How to unlock 8 Ball Pool Android & Facebook – Hello friends, on this occasion the administrator will give tips and solutions on how to recover a locked 8-ball pool account, either through Facebook or Android.

8 ball pool is indeed one of the online billiards games that is becoming increasingly popular with people who enjoy playing pool games. Perhaps it can be said that this 8 ball pool game, among other things, is actually the most popular and is played by many people.

We can tell by the number of downloads which are quite high, reaching over 100 million downloads. Of course, this proves that the game of 8 ball pool is actually very popular with people from different parts of the world.

In addition, the challenging game is one of the reasons why so many people want to play this game and sometimes even forget the time to do other real activities.


Sometimes when we are cool to play and suddenly experience unexpected things one of which is banned, it is of course very disappointing and annoying, especially when our account is full of coins and other valuable items.

Wow, that makes us very angry of course and we won’t want to play this game anymore, especially if we have to start and play with a new account that doesn’t have any items yet.

But you don’t have to worry, because behind all of this there are of course solutions to overcome or restore an already blocked or blocked 8-ball pool Android / Facebook account. Just follow the 8 ball pool Android unbanned method below.


1. First of all, my friend, first open the 8 ball pool account of the friend who has been banned on your Android / Facebook.

2. Please, my friend, first install a third party application in the playstore / appstore (if you are using an iPhone), namely a cheat engine application. Buddy can search for it in the Playstore / Appstore application with the keyword “Cheat Engine”.

3. Now that it’s installed, open it up and all you need to do is hit “Process” in the application.

4th. Next, my friend just needs to replace some text that says “type 4byte” and change it to “String”.

5. After you have successfully replaced it, in the next step, scan the following text “SPALSH_LOGIN_REJECTION_BANNED”.

6th. Then you also have to change the name in an option value to the words “LOGIN_REJECTION_ALREADY_LOGGED_IN”.

7th. After successfully completing all stages, my friend, now my friend, will open the 8 Ball Pool game application.

Complete! Now the account of a blocked friend can be reopened and played as usual. Surely not difficult, right?

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Those are all the tips How to Unlock an 8 Ball Pool Account that you can try on your account that is having problems. Hopefully this explanation will be useful to friends and forget to share it with other friends. Much luck.

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