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This is how you get Groza guns proven in free fire

How to get Groza weapons in Free Fire game – One of the games for Android and iOS that has become popular recently and played by many people is the Free Fire Game. The Free Fire game, or commonly called FF, is very popular now and is very much loved by young people who love online games.

The Free Fire game was released not so long ago, but not so long ago, the Free Fire game immediately found a large number of users of the game application and continues to grow day by day.

One of the reasons why free fire games are so popular is that free fire games have a relatively smaller capacity compared to other similar game applications. Of course, the free fire app does not overload the smartphone’s capacity.

Playing on Free Fire is really fun. There are many unique things / good items in it. One of the most influential items in the Free Fire game is a weapon.

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There are also many types of weapons in free fire. Like Groza-Waffen, AWM, Sks, M79 and so on. But among other things, Groza’s weapon can be called the most powerful weapon that many players look for in free fire games.

However, it has been very rare for players to have this most powerful weapon. However, my friend needn’t worry as there are tips to be discussed below how to get groza guns in free fire (FF) or put Groza weapons in open fire. You can apply it to get this most powerful free firearm.


1. By using Water Drop Caller

The first thing to do to get a weapon is to use the water drop summoner that you brought with you at the beginning of the game. As we know, it takes a long time to use the water drop conjurer. On the one hand, our location will be easily known to the enemy if you choose to use an Airdrop Summoner.

However, this method is very good and effective for obtaining rare weapons like Groza, M79, AWM, etc. in free fire.

2. Pick up from a falling drop of water

In fact, this method is the simplest as we only need to pick up the drop of air thrown from the plane. The objects obtained from this air drop are of various types, but this will of course be very helpful to us later.

However, we also have to be more careful if we want to take this drop of water, because of course there are many enemies lurking ready to shoot my friend.

3. Using the treasure map

The next way to get Groza weapons in this free fire is to use a treasure map. However, the chance of getting this weapon is still half as great.

However, there is also the benefit of using a treasure map as we can get Groza ff weapons early on in the game. There are also other useful items such as helmets, bags, vests and sometimes muzzles and handles.

4. Take from the enemy

Another way to get free weapons, which is this Groza weapon, is to take it straight from the enemy.

The method is also very simple as all you have to do is kill enemies using Groza weapons. Then loot to get one of the most powerful FF weapons.

That’s it How do I get Groza guns in free fire? which my friend can follow to have rare weapons in free fire game. That way, it will be much easier for my friend to win the ongoing battle. Much luck.

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