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Easy ways to overcome PUBG Mobile support without root

How To Solve PUBG Mobile Unsupported Without Root – Hello friends, all online game fans, on this occasion the admin will share with all of you how to solve PUBG Mobile devices that are not supported without root, even without root, simply and easily.

As we know, the PUBG Mobile game is getting more and more popular lately and the number of players and downloaders is getting more and more crowded.

I don’t know what the reason is, maybe because the game feels real enough to be one of the reasons the PUBG Mobile game is very popular with people from different parts of the world.


We know that downloading this PUBG game requires a very large data quota of 1.8 GB.

With the size of the game, which is quite large, it is certainly an impossible thing if a smartphone with 1GB of RAM can play this popular game.

Normally, smartphones that do not support PUBG Mobile games on smartphones are marked in the Playstore / Appstore with the words “Your device is currently not supported by PUBG Mobile“. Or in Indonesian it is usually”Your device is not compatible with this version“.

This will certainly be very disappointing as not everyone can play Pubg mobile games just because a device doesn’t support the game. However, there are actually several ways that players can still download PUBG Mobile even though the smartphone does not support PUBG, such as:

1. Download via third-party apps
If your smartphone does not support downloading from PUBG Mobile, you can fix this problem by downloading it through a third-party download application.

It is possible that the specifications set by the official download store on your smartphone are limited so that your smartphone does not support PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, you can try to download PUBG Mobile on your smartphone in addition to the official store, either the download store through the website or the application.

2. Update device system
The rather outdated device system is also the reason why the cell phone does not support PUBG Mobile. So you don’t have to wonder why the mobile phone doesn’t support PUBG Mobile because sometimes the problem is with an unqualified device system.

Hence, you can try to check for updates on your device system so that you can get a better version and the latest features. You can try to check it out Settings / Settings >> System >> System Update >> Check (The location of the update system on each mobile phone is different).

3. Use the official Tencent emulator
The next path is to use a laptop or PC so you can keep playing PUBG Mobile which is called Tencent’s official emulator. used Tencent Gaming Buddy.

You can download it first or directly from the link HERE >>.

4. Install other versions of PUBG applications
Besides the global version, it turns out that the PUBG Mobile game also has another version that is specifically in Mandarin. You can find this PUBG Mobile version via the link below.

This version of the PUBG Mobile application allows you to install PUBG Mobile on devices that were not previously supported by the global version. Of course, not all devices will also support this version. Or if you want something different, you can try using Tencent’s LITE version, which may have been released at the time.

Enough of explanations how to solve PUBG does not support that you can try. Of course, not all of the above methods can work for your device. If you still fail, the administrator recommends playing a similar game with a smaller size as Free Fire.

Since the PUBG Mobile game takes up a lot of storage space, it is very unlikely that a device with 1GB / 2GB RAM will be able to play this one game.

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That’s the only way to deal with PUBG that your device doesn’t support. Hope this is useful and good luck.

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