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How to Reverse Mobs in Minecraft PE

There are many mobs in Minecraft PE, ranging from passive, neutral, to dangerous mobs. Generally, these mobs have their own ability to move. From using their feet to flying. However, what happens if they do it in reverse.


Well, this time gamelmit will discuss how to reverse mobs in Minecraft PE. For those of you who are curious or don’t know, you can read it to the end.

Required Items

Name Tags

Items that haven’t been crafted yet. The only way to have a name tag in survival is to look for it.


Is a tool used to make names and repair an equipment. Made by combining 3 iron blocks and 4 iron ingots does not make the anvil immune to damage because frequent use or dropping it will destroy the anvil and you need to rebuild it.

How to Reverse Mobs in Minecraft PE

1. Place the anvil on a flat block.

2. Tap anvil to open an anvil window which is a repair box and a name.

3. Move the name tag into the first anvil box and rename it to “Dinnerbone“. This name is what will make the mobs can be reversed. And change the name, you need at least 1 xp.

4. After having a name tag with the name Dinnerbone, hold the name tag and approach the mobs you want to return.

5. When you get close to the mobs you choose, the words “NameJust press the text or the mobs because it’s the same, that is, the mobs will instantly flip over.

Mobs that have been reversed will continue to do the same activity, namely attacking or moving but in an inverted position.

Meanwhile, to reverse it as before you just need to change the name back to what you want.

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