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How to Color Armor Skin in Minecraft PE

Hey crafters, how about the armor that is often used to protect your character when playing Minecraft? Are you bored with the color of the armor that is just that?


If so, now you don’t need to be bored anymore because one of the armors in Minecraft PE, namely skin armor, you can change the color.

For those of you who don’t know, this time gamelmit will share how to color skin armor in Minecraft PE.

Tools and materials

• Couldron

• Dye

• A bucket filled with water

• Leather Armor

How to Color Leather Armor in Minercraft PE

1. Place the cloudon on a flat block.

2. Fill the couldron with the water in the bucket.

If confused to fill it, choose a bucket that already contains water in your hotbar and tap the couldro. Instantly the cloudon will be filled with water which will run out for 6 times coloring.

3. Add dye to the cloud in the same way as filling water. For example, this time gamelmite uses pink dye made from peonies. You can also add other colors to create new colors.

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4. Dip the leather armor you have one by one into the couldron in the same way as filling water or dye to change the color of the armor according to the color you input.

Now that’s how to color leather armor in Minecraft PE. In addition to armor, you can also change the color of other skin items such as leather horse armor.

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