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How to Ride a Pig in Minecraft PE

In addition to horses, mules, and donkeys, there is another overworld animal that you can ride in Minecraft PE, namely a pig. With the characteristics of a pink whole body and smaller than other animals that can be ridden, it turns out that pigs have speed in moving. So it is suitable to be used as a vehicle. .


Well, for those of you who want to drive it. Here’s how to drive a pig in Mineraft PE. However, before that you need 2 items to be able to ride a pig, namely saddle and carrot hook.

Where the saddle is an item that cannot be made until now and to have it you have to look for it.

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While items Both carrot fishing rods, you can make them by combining a fishing rod and a carrot on the crafting table.

Furthermore, after having the two items above, then you can look for pigs. Because pigs are passive animals you will easily find them around you while there is still grass growing.

Then, when you manage to find a pig. Hold the saddle and approach the pig you find until it says “SaddleJust tap on the saddle or press and hold it directly on the pig to attach the saddle you’re holding.

Up here you can ride a pig. Tap on the text “Mount” to ride it but you still can’t adjust the direction of motion because it’s still completely controlled by the pig.

So you need to hold the carrot rod. Choose the carrot rod in your hotbar to hold it and you can actually ride the pig and adjust its movement by pressing the screen in the direction you want.

Then to speed up the movement, you can tap the text “Boost” and down you just press the jump button or crouch/sneak. And keep in mind also when tapping the words boost durability from the carrot match will also decrease. That makes you need to craft the carrot match again when the durability runs out.