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How to Quickly Update Mobile Legends Emblem 2021

Level-up ml-emblem quickly without cheat

How to Quickly Update Mobile Legend Emblem 2021 – In addition, winning the Mobile Legends game is certainly not easy If we play in ranked mode and play in the top division, namely Mytic, it will of course be very difficult.

In order to achieve victory, of course, you need to work with a solid and selfless team. So the chances of victory are certainly very good.

The composition of the team composition with several combinations of heroes with different roles is of course also one of the decisive factors for victory in this Mobile Legend game.

In addition to solid teamwork in order to be able to achieve victory, of course the use of emblems in Mobile Legends is also part of it.

Of course, if you have an emblem with a maximum level in Mobile Legend, it will be a matter of pride for every player, as they can have a hero emblem with the highest level, namely the maximum level (level 60).

With a high level of emblems, players can get extra damage on the heroes used and of course it will be very profitable, since players who use high-level emblems will easily defeat their opponents.

Emblems in mobile legends are available for all role types available there, e.g. B. Fighter, assassin, supporter, magician roles etc. Therefore, the players of Mobile Legends games compete to raise their emblem level as high as possible.

There are players who use methods like scripts, cheats, etc. to get the highest emblem. However, we can also retrieve it manually and easily, which of course does not have the potential that could harm our ml account.

If you want to elevate your ml emblem, here are the steps you can take.


First, my friend, open up the Mobile Legends game, buddy. If in Home page Mobile Legends game, my friend can choose “Preparation“.

Then select the menu “emblem“Well then my friend can choose the type of emblem for the hero what role you want to play Update so that you can reach a high emblem level, even up to the maximum level.

Mobile legend max level emblem

But please note that the requirements to be able to upgrade or increase the emblem here must be met Fragment emblem or magical dust which serves to raise the emblem for all types role.

With these two items, players can now quickly bring the mobile legend’s emblem to the max level. There are several ways to get these two items for free, such as: B. through free boxes and medal boxes. By opening free chests and gold chests, players can get different types of fragment emblems that are given out at random.

In addition, players can also get magic dust items and fragment emblems by going through the chests in the weekly activity rating. Then there is also a magic dust gift that you can get through the daily sign-up activities.

Max emblem of the mobile legend

With these items, players can quickly lift their emblems, so the chance of winning the game is also very good.

Here’s how you can upgrade the Mobile Legend badge. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful to all of my friends, all of the mobile legend game players. That’s the whole short discussion about the legendary mobile game Good Luck.

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