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Invalid terms and rules in the latest Mobile Legends 2021

The latest 2021 invalid mobile legend system, terms and conditions

Latest 2021 Invalid Mobile Legends Terms and Conditions – The Mobile Legends game is an online game where we have to use data quotas in order to play it and to be able to connect with other Mobile Legends players, be they teammates or our opponents.

In this Mobile Legends game there are several modes that players can play in. These modes are like classic mode, leaderboard, brawl, vs al, custom, and there are also other modes that are usually only available during certain events.

There are 2 modes that are mainly played by players of this ML game, namely the ranked mode and the classic mode. Both look exactly the same when playing. It’s just that ranked mode allows players to get stars that can increase their division from lowest to highest. There are no extra stars in Classic if you win the game in it.

Playing in ranked mode makes us more serious than playing in other modes. This is because we want to win the game and get stars that can help reach the top division, namely Mythical.

But what can you do, sometimes problems and obstacles can appear especially when we play alone in ranked mode where we get Afk teammates but it doesn’t happen invalid so we have to lose the star because of the afk’s actions by our teammates.

Of course, this Afk action is very harmful, because in addition to the players themselves, of course, it also harms the players of a team that belongs to it. So how do you invalidate it so it doesn’t harm us and what are the rules or conditions for it to be invalid in Mobile Legends? To be more clear, my friend can understand the terms and regulations of the event invalid in Mobile Legends which is explained below.


To be invalid here, the condition is that one of the members of a team must perform an Afk action or leave the game before the game actually begins.

If the game has started for a few minutes and the player is also playing, but suddenly performs an afk action, then invalid will not happen at all, so there is no way to invalidate it.

Basically, it can become invalid if one of the players performs an Afk action before the game actually begins. Thus there is no way or effort that can thwart the invalid that occurs. If invalid occurs, all tracks of the game that has just been started are not counted at all, alias all invalid.


  1. One of the players on a team performs an Afk action.
  2. Afk must be done before the fight begins.
  3. If the player who made the afk has not entered the fight for 3 minutes, the surrender button will be displayed immediately.
  4. If more than 4 players press the button to give up, then invalid occurs and the entire bout is ended as invalid.
  5. Complete.

As a result, the terms and conditions in Mobile Legends are void. If there is no player on a team taking an Afk action, it cannot be invalidated as the terms and conditions for disability to occur clearly must have players leaving the bout aka Afk if the bout is still going on has not started.

If these conditions are met, the invalid system is immediately displayed in Mobile Legends and is known to the system directly. You know now, don’t you? What are the requirements for disability?

These are the void terms and conditions in the latest Mobile Legends for 2021. Hopefully this information can be useful and helpful to all Mobile Legends players.

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