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How to Overcome PPSSPP Black Screen or Black Screen on Android

PPSSPP is an emulator that can be used on PC/Android to play PSP games. Because of the many games that can be played using the PPSSPP emulator, many people use this emulator to play games on PC/Android.


That’s because apart from being practical, PPSSPP also doesn’t really need high PC/Android specifications. However, sometimes there are still obstacles when you want to play games using PPSSPP that irritate you. One of the things that often happens is a black screen or black screen.

Usually many factors affect PPSSPP to black screen. For example, factors from the game being played itself can also cause PPSSPP to experience a black screen.

But for the black screen that will be discussed in this post, it is not caused by the game, but has not had time to play the game because the black screen appears at the beginning, namely when opening PPSSPP in a few seconds. Then PPSSPP experiences a black screen but when pulling the status bar or notification black screen it’s gone and will be black screen again when the status bar returns.

Now, Mimin experienced a black screen problem like the one above when I wanted to use PPSSPP on an old cellphone. When I felt confused it could be like that until Mimin looked for a solution and managed to find a blog that discusses how to deal with a black screen like that. Then when I put it into practice, how was successful and made PPSSPP playable without a black screen.

But unfortunately the blog that discusses this method can no longer be found and most blogs discuss how to overcome the black screen caused by the game being played.

How to Overcome Black Screen / PPSSPP Black Screen

To overcome the black screen as above, you need help from other applications that have shortcuts and can be displayed on the screen. Examples include DU Booster or Battery and Es File Explorer or Es File Explorer.

Now for example, this time using File Explorer to overcome the black screen as above because I happen to also use the application. Here’s how to set it up:

1. Open the Ice File Explorer app
2. Enter Ice Swipe and activate

3. Select the Trigger Mode of the little white dot

After that, a shortcut or small white dot will appear on the screen. Then you can open PPSSPP to play games without worrying about a black screen.

When using the method above to solve the black screen, you also don’t have to worry about the small white dot that will interfere with the game because the small white dot will disappear when you open PPSSPP.

Meanwhile, if you use different applications, the method is not much different, the most important thing is that you know how to activate the shortcuts that can appear on the screen.

Ok, that’s how to solve the black screen problem as above, hopefully it can help.

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