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How to Install Shaders in Minecraft PE

Installing shaders can make Minecraft look more realistic so that playing it is more fun. Well, for those of you who want to install shaders, this time Gamelmit will share how.


But before that, you must have the ES File Explorer/zAchiver application and shaders that you can download on google or if you want to use JSPE Shaders COMPLETE like the picture above you can download it here in zip format.

Make sure when downloading the shader according to the version of Minecraft you are playing and for the JSPE shader above it can be installed on v1.14 until now v1.16.

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How to Install Minecraft PE Shaders

There are 2 ways you can do to install shaders. For example this time Gamelmit will install JSPE shaders and because Gamelmit needs to use ES File Explorer, the tutorial uses the application. If you want to download it, you can press here because Ice File Explorer can’t be downloaded via play store.

First step

• Extract JSPE shaders using Ice File Explorer into resource packs (games >> com.mojang >> resource_packs).

Here’s a view of the shader folder that was successfully extracted and stored in the resource pack.

However, when you have extracted the files into the resource pack, the file will look like the image below without being wrapped in the JSPE Shader folder, then you need to manually create a JSPE shader folder and move the files into the JSPE shader folder you created.

• If so, open Minecraft
• Select Settings and Global Resources

• Select MY PACKS and activate the JSPE shader

Successfully extracted shaders will be visible in MY PACKS and activated shaders will be visible in ACTIVE.

• Return to the game menu. Wait for the process to finish and the JSPE shader is successfully installed.

Second Way

• Rename JSPE Shaders to JSPE Shaders COMPLETE.mcpack.

• Press the renamed JSPE shader, it will automatically open Minecraft and wait for the process to be successful.

However, if an option like the following image appears, select Minecraft and always go first.

• Then after the process is successful, the following steps are the same as the first method, namely selecting Settings and Global Resource.
• Select MY PACKS and activate the JSPE shader
• Return to the game menu. Wait until the process is complete and the JSPE shader is installed successfully.

Okh, that’s how to install shaders in Minecraft PE hope it helps.

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