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How to Breed Animals in Minecraft PE


The animals in Minecraft appear naturally but sometimes seem to breed. However, of course it has a long time. For that, you can shorten it by breeding the animal itself. Because breeding your own animal will have many advantages. For example, when you play survival and need resources from animals you don’t have to look far because they are available near you.

Well, for those of you who don’t know and want to breed animals in Minecraft, this time Gamelmit will discuss how to breed animals in Minecraft one by one.

However, before going to the breeding stage, you should first make a cage as a place for animals to be bred to make it easier and prevent animals from escaping. Making your own cage is not too difficult because you can make it with a fence made of wood like the following picture.

Furthermore, after having sometimes you can look for 2 types of the same animal to breed in the cage.

Here are the animals in Minecraft that can be bred and how !!

Breedable Animals in Minecraft

• Chicken
Chickens are generally easy to find around you, the most important thing is that there is grass. Well, to breed chickens you can feed them seeds. You can find seeds in nature and the seeds that are easiest to find are wheat seeds. Where you can get them by crushing grass.

Then, after having the seeds you can lead 2 chickens into the coop using the seeds. Just hold the seeds and the chickens will follow until they enter the cage. However, if you have leads or ropes can be used to put the chickens into the cage and applies to all animals.

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Next, when the chickens are in the cage, you can breed them by feeding each chicken using seeds. Press the word “Feed” when near the chicken, the chicken will appear love-love and the chicken is successfully bred.

Uniquely when breeding chickens you will immediately see chicks instead of eggs. While chickens lay eggs takes 5-10 minutes. If you have a lot of eggs you can incubate them by throwing them with a 1 in 8 chance of success.

• Sheep

Sheep are the most important animal at the beginning of the survival game because their wool is very important for making beds. While breeding sheep is the same as chickens, the difference is that you don’t use seeds but wheat. If you want to take sheep’s wool without killing it you can use shears or scissors.

• Cow

There are 2 types of cows in Minecraft that can be bred, namely ordinary cows and mushroom cows. Both cows have the same benefits as the meat is filling, eating one or two is immediately full. The skin can be used to make items. The milk can be taken using a bucket to To make cakes and especially mushroom cows, you can take the mushrooms using scissors. Then, to breed cows the method is still the same as raising sheep using wheat.

• Horse

When a horse is killed it will only produce skin. However, a horse becomes a very useful animal for fast travel because a horse can be used as a vehicle using the help of a saddle or saddle. Especially for a skull horse you can ride it without the help of a saddle. Horses can also be armored.

Meanwhile, to breed a horse you need to tame it first by riding it. Just press the words “Mount” when near the horse. If you fall you have to ride it back until the horse appears love-love as a sign that the horse has tame.

After the horse is successfully tamed, the words “Mount” will change to “Ride” which means you can ride it without falling again and can put on a saddle to lead it into the stable. If you don’t have a saddle you can use a rope. Then, when it’s in your stable can breed it by feeding each horse with a golden apple, magic apple, or golden carrot then love-love will appear again and the horse is successfully bred by producing one child.

• Donkey

Similar to horses, donkeys can also be ridden using the help of a saddle but move slower and cannot be armored. Instead, donkeys can be fitted with chests to store luggage. Breeding a donkey is the same as breeding a horse, that is, you need to tame it and feed it golden apples, magic apples. , or golden carrots.

• Llama

These animals are usually brought by traders and can be found in hills or biomes where there are a lot of acacia trees. Llamas will attack when they are attacked but on the good side you can install crates and carpets. Before breeding Llamas need to be tamed like horses and donkeys.However, because it can only be climbed and cannot be directed, sometimes you have to use a rope to lead the llama inside. Then, to breed the llama you can feed it a hay roll made of 9 wheat.

• Rabbit

Killing a rabbit with your hands or a sword is difficult because rabbits are quick and shy when approached. However, when you have carrots in your hand, you can use them to lead the rabbits into the cage and breed them using them.

• Pig

In addition to being a source of food, pigs can also be used as vehicles such as horses using the help of a saddle. The difference is that to move faster, you need to hold a fishing rod that has carrots installed. Then, to accompany and breed pigs, you can use carrots, potatoes, or sweet potatoes. earned by defeating zombies, chests, or looking for them in the village.

• Wolf

Wolves can be found in the taiga biome and will attack at night or when threatened. Although scary wolves are animals that can be bred and can also be loyal pets. However, before breeding wolves you need to tame them first using bones until love-love appears. and a red mark on his neck. Then, once tame you can breed wolves by feeding him any meat even rotten meat obtained from defeating zombies.

• Turtle

Turtles live in the ocean but sometimes can be found on the beach. They can be bred using seagrass and at that time one of the turtles will lay eggs in the sand unlike chickens which immediately turn into chicks. When turtle eggs hatch they will turn into chicks turtles and as they grow up they will release skates which you can use to make turtle shells.

• Ocelot and Cat

In the old version these two animals have a relationship because to get a cat you need to tame the ocelot. However, in v1.8 these two animals have been distinguished. Where the ocelot can be found in the jungle biome while the cat is in the countryside. creeper and of course breedable.

Breeding ocelots and cats is a bit more difficult than rabbits because they need to be tamed. The way to tame ocelots and cats is to give fish until love-love or marks appear on the neck for cats. However, it takes patience because ocelots and cats have a shy nature when approached.

Then after successfully tamed, you can feed the ocelot or fish cat back so that it can breed. Even though it is tame, it will not follow you like a cat, only when approached, the ocelot does not run away like a wild ocelot.

• Change

Finally, there are foxes, animals that like to sleep. They live like wolves in the taiga biome. Even though they live in the same place, foxes and wolves don’t seem to get along because when a wolf sees a fox, it will immediately attack him to death. However, to breed a fox is easier than a wolf because of you. only need to feed the berries that live in the biome.

Conclusion Breeding Animals in Minecraft

• Requires 2 types of the same animal to breed
• There are some animals that need to be tamed before breeding
• To herd the animal into the cage can hold his favorite food or rope
• Animals are bred by giving them their favorite food until love appears
• Each animal that is bred will produce one chick
• There are puppies from domesticated animals that need and don’t need to be re-tameed
• In order to grow up quickly, the puppies can be fed their favorite food or the food used to tame them

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