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5 Part Time Places and Benefits in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

Besides being able to take care of farms and plantations in Harvest Moon [HoLV] can also do part time or part time work.

You can do part-time or part-time work to increase your gold coffers. On the other hand, part-time work that can be done in this game will also provide benefits after or within some time completing part-time work.

advantage-part-time-work in-harvest-moon-hero-of-leaf-valley

Well, so this time Gamelmit will discuss what are the advantages that can be obtained when doing part time work.

For those who don’t know, part time work itself can be done in 5 places. Each place has different benefits that can be obtained.

Here are 5 part time work places and the benefits they get:

5 Part Time Places and Benefits in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

1. Starling Rach (Every day, except Thursday & when it rains, 8am – 5pm)

First there is Starling Rach, where Bob and Tim live. Here Bob owns a shop and a farm. Bob’s shop sells animals, feed, and related animals while the farm is a place to do part time.

But, in order to work part time at the farm you have to go to the shop first to talk that you want part time. Then after that, Bob will give you a job to take care of his farm animals. Just brush, talk, and milk the cow. If once done you will be paid 100 G per hour.

The advantage if you work part time here is that you will get a horse for free and when part time you milk a cow, the milk can be brought home.

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2. Grocery Store (Monday – Saturday,8pm – 3pm)

Grocery Store is a shop owned by Ronald that sells food and ingredients for cooking. On the other hand, you can also sell crops or dishes in the shop.

If you ask Ronald for part time work then he will tell you to take eggs and feed his chickens. The work takes 2 hours and will be paid 180-230 G and an egg.

Then where is the advantage? Hm, calm down, the advantage if part time work for Ronald lies in an egg that is obtained after part time.

You can use an egg to have a chicken without having to buy it from Bob. The trick is to incubate eggs in the incubator in your chicken coop.

In this way, of course, you will profit because you don’t need to spend any gold to have chickens.

3. Clove Villa (Tuesday – Sunday,10am – 3pm)

The villa is the next place that can be used for part time work, more precisely the kitchen section to help Martha cook.

For part time work here, you have to talk to Martha. Then, she will ask if you can cook, if you answer yes then Martha will ask you to cook and give Martha the ingredients that Martha asks for. You can use the frying pan and pot that is in place it’s for cooking.

After finishing and successfully cooking what Martha ordered, then you will be paid 250 G but if you fail 50 G.

Part time work here takes 3 hours, but it’s worth the benefits you get, that is, you can take home cooking leftovers and get the recipes you cook.

4. Woody’s Carpentry (Every day, except Tuesday, Thursday & when it rains, 9am – 3pm)

The name of the owner of this place is not much different, namely Woody. He has a grandson who helps him work there. However, even so you can also help him with part time work here.

If you want to work part time here you have to talk to Woody when he is in front of Woody’s Carpentry. Next, he will take you to a place that has a lot of trees and ask you to cut them down.

You will work for 2 hours there and will be paid 200 G and 30 G for each wood you get. Keep in mind that part time in Woody’s Carpentry can only be done 5 times.

Then, after 5 times part time you will get the benefit of being allowed to cut down trees there and the results can be taken home. In addition, the wood that is allowed to take home you can also take mushrooms or truffles that grow there. Even gold mushrooms and cherry tree seeds if you go to the other felling tree.

5. Mine (Monday – Friday,9am – 1pm)

The last place that can be used for part time is Mine. Just like Woody’s Carpentry this place can only part time 5 times.

To start part time in the Mine, you need to talk to Rudolph while in the Mine. After speaking, you will be allowed to mine and will be paid 450-510 G and can bring home Mineral Crystals.

Well, when it’s been 5 times part time you will get the advantage that you can mine freely and can take home the mining results.

Ok, those are 5 part time workplaces and the benefits that you can get at Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley. Part time is also sometimes not available on certain days, for example festival days.

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