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How to Make Withers in Minecraft PE

Withers are very strong mobs and are very difficult to kill in survival mode with their destructive nature of attack. Even at spawn they damage and damage through dynamite.


But behind the fierce wither and after successfully killing it we can get a nether star that can be used to make a beacon.

For this post, I will discuss how to make a wither. Previously, to make a wither, we had to find the ingredients first.

As for the ingredients, we can only get from the nether, namely 4 soul sands and 3 wither skeleton skulls (wither skull heads) which are obtained by killing the wither skeletons.

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A few tips if you want to make a wither, namely make it in an open place and try to stay away from the building you are protecting and prepare full weapons, armor and potions when killing the wither.

Ok, just follow the steps to make a wither.

1. Find a safe place away from valuable buildings.
2. Make or arrange the soul sand in the shape of the letter T and must fit no more or less.

3. Next, place the 3 wither skeleton skulls on the sand of the soul earlier.

4. Finally stay away when the wither will spawn because of its destructive nature.

Well, that’s how to make or bring up withers in Minecraft PE.

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