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How to Change Skin in Minecraft PE

Maybe you are bored with the Minecraft skins that you always use and want to replace them. Well, for this post I want to share a little about how to change Minecraft skins, especially PE or Mobile.


Okh, just don’t need to be at length. Here are the steps to change the Minecraft PE (Mobile) skin

• First, of course, you must have a skin first if you want to change the skin. Then, how do you do it? The trick is that you download the skin first or you can download it at NovaSkin as well as minecraftskin which provides many options for free.

For example, we will download a skin via NovaSkin. Just type NovaSkin in your browser or via this link NovaSkinThen, select or search for the skin you want.

After selecting the skin you want click and download.

When the skin has been downloaded, it will look like this so that it can be read by the system and stored in your gallery.

• The second or next step after having a skin or downloading it is to replace or apply a skin. Here are the steps:

1. Open the Minecraft App.

2. After entering the initial screen, select a skin or icon such as a clothes hanger.

3. Then click the empty skin next to the default skin section.

4. After clicking automatically the skin will be empty, then click on the words “Choose a New Skin” which will be shown to the gallery.

5. Cfrom the Skin that we downloaded earlier then click wait until the display appears to select the type of model.

7. Finally, after selecting the type of skin model, it can be used or we have succeeded in changing the skin.

Well, those are the steps and that’s all about how to change skins in Minecraft. If you want to replace it, you can do the same thing.

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