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How to Find a Saddle in Minecraft PE

How to Find a Saddle in Minecraft PE – Gamelmit

How to Find a Saddle in Minecraft PE

You want to ride a horse or a pig in Minecraft? Well, you can ride it, but of course you need a tool to ride it, namely the Saddle.


What is a Saddle? A saddle is an item that is used to ride a horse in Minecraft, without a Saddle we cannot ride a horse for a long time. looking for the Saddle.

And for this post I will give tips and how to find a Saddle in Minecraft which we will use to ride a horse.


• Trade with Villagers

As we know, we can trade (exchange) or barter with Villager.
So, first we have to find a village first. Then look for a Villager with a leather craft job or wearing a brown shirt and white apron, because only the villager can trade the Saddle. But first you have to do some trades first until finally we can trade for get the Saddle.

• Fishing

Why fishing? The reason is why, because fishing in Minecraft is different from fishing in the real world in that we can get objects or items other than fish. You can do this if you don’t want to go far. A little tip if you want to fish is to fish in the rain, because the chances of getting a Saddle are greater.

• Looking for it in Chests

The chests here are chests that already exist naturally provided by the game somewhere, not chests that we make ourselves. These chests are generally located in Stronghold, Temple, Fortness, Sea Ruins, Treasure Chest, Village (Village) , Sinking Ships and buildings in the Desert Biome and so on.

Okh, that’s a way that can be used to find the Saddle. If there is another way you can comment below.

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