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How to Make a Quicksand Trap in Minecraft PE

Many traps or traps can be made in Minecraft, one of which is the quicksand trap which I will discuss in this post.

Quicksand traps are traps that will suck mobs in the area downwards slowly and make mobs in the trap move very slowly, they can even die if the bottom of the trap is placed with lava or the like that can kill, but if the bottom of the trap is just an ordinary block of mobs inhaled can still survive.

how-to-make-a quicksand-trap in-minecraft-pe

However, unfortunately this quicksand trap can only be made in creative mode because the ingredients to make it are not yet available in survival until this post is made. What are the materials used?

Here are the ingredients and steps for making a quicksand trap.


• Cobweb (Profit Web)

Cobweb is the only material that is not yet available in survival. Actually, it already exists, but it is only available in mining and libraries in stronghold. However, when we take it, we will only get strings, not spider webs.

• Sand

• Knob

• Pistons

• Name Tags

• Lava

• Cobbelstone (Cobblestone)


• Find a place and make a hole measuring 3 x 6 or multiples of it as desired.

• After that, destroy 3 blocks down on the side of the block to place the piston and cobbelstone.

• Then, place one or 3 cobbelstones on top of the block that has been crushed horizontally, then place the piston under the cobbelstone or on the block that has been crushed vertically. Under the piston again place one cobbelstone. over the pistons.

In addition to being able to replace the button with a lever, it can also be placed when the trap has been completed so that it is not touched or depressed when trapping, while the horizontally placed cobbelstone can be destroyed so that the trap looks flatter and the button can be placed on top of the piston directly. However, there is a risk traps can be activated by mobs.

• After installing the piston, button, and cobbelstone, the next step is to place the lava if you want to create a deadly sand trap. But if not, you can skip this step.

Lava is placed at the bottom of the trap or rather the 4th block.

• Next, place the spider web on top of the lava if it was using lava or the 3rd block but if it can’t be placed on the bottom.

• After that, then place the name tag above the cobweb or parallel to the cobbelstone under the piston because the cobbelstone will destroy the name tag after the piston is activated by the button. So, this is what makes the name tag at the beginning of the box not aligned.

• Finally, place the sand over the name tag or parallel to the surface and the piston.

At this point, the trap has been completed and is ready to use. Look for mobs and then fish it up to the trap area. Then, press the button and the sand will automatically drop slowly.

A sand trap that uses lava, then the mobs will burn because of the lava. However, the lava will disappear if the sand has reached the bottom and the sand is not destroyed. Unlike those that do not use lava.

A trap that does not use lava, then the sand will crumble and become a sand block.

In addition to using sand, this trap can also be modified using gravel (gravel) or in essence blocks that can fall. Like, the picture above uses gravel (gravel) with the same working principle as sand.

Okh, that’s enough for how to make a sand suction trap in Minecraft. Good luck.

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