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Build Alucard Lifesteal Steady Hard to Die

Alucard is a crowd control specialist fighter or assassin hero that can be purchased for 15000 battlepoints or the equivalent of 389 tickets.


This hero is very popular and is a very strong hero in fighting 1 vs 1 or being beaten. Why can it be said to be very strong because Alucard is equipped with a special ability, namely Lifesteal which makes this hero not easy to die.

So in this post, I will share a solid Alucard Lifesteal build item that makes it difficult to die in battle. Here’s straight away.


• Warrior Boots

As a hero who has lifesteal skills, it doesn’t mean you don’t need defense because the first item you buy is defense shoes or Warrior Boots which will provide +22 Physical Defense and movemant speed.

Warrior Boots will be very useful for Alucard when in the early game because of his unsteady Lifesteal ability.

• Haas’s Claws

In the second item purchased next, Haas’s Claws, this item is needed by Alucard to add his Lifesteal. Because Haas’s Claws will give +20% Lifesteal and when HP is below 40% there will be an additional +10% Lifesteal.

Imagine the effect when combined with the Lifesteal skill. So it’s no wonder this item was purchased early because it is very useful especially in the early game.

In addition to increasing Lifesteal, Haas’s Claws also provides +70 Physical Attack which increases Alucard’s strength when fighting.

• Endless Battle

The next item to buy and never miss is Endless Battle if the hero used is like Fighter/Maksman/Assassin.

Endless Battle is an item that provides many additional effects such as Physical Attack, Mana Regen, Cooldown and so on. One thing that is important from Endless Battle to strengthen Alucard’s Lifesteal Build is the +15% Physical Lifesteal effect.

• Beserker’s Fury

After the second and third items to get the Lifesteal, the fourth item is different, namely by increasing the Damage. Because it is impossible to fight only by relying on the Lifesteal.

In this fourth item purchased, the Berserker’s Fury is immediately not responsible because it will give +40% Crit Damage and if it succeeds in doing critical it will give +5% normal Attack for 2 seconds.

• Blade Of Despair

The next item is still the same as the fourth item which prioritizes Damage and simultaneously strengthens the strength of Alucard when fighting because Blade Of Despair will give a special effect of +25% Physical Damage when HP is below 50%.

• Wings Of The Apocalypse Queen

That is the last item used for defense as well as strengthening Alucard’s Lifesteal in the last game.

Because this item will give an increase in HP and +30% Lifesteal if the hero’s HP is below 40% which lasts for 5 seconds.


• Assassin

The emblem used is Assassin with the following tiers:

– Tier 1 Bravery to increase Physical Attack.
– Tier 2 Fatal to increase Crit Chance.
– Tier 3 Killing Spree where killing enemy heroes will restore 12% of maximum HP and increase Movement Speed ​​by 20% for 5 seconds making Alucard difficult to die when in war.


• Inspire

The spell used is Inspire, why not use Retribution.

Because Alucard is already quite fast when farming without Retribution and Inspire here it will really help increase the speed in fighting and it is certain that Alucard’s Lifesteal will also increase quickly.

Now that’s why Alucard’s build is hard to die during war or by one because it strengthens its Lifesteal. Even in one hit, Alucard’s HP can be full instantly.

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