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Errors in Using Roger in Mobile Legends

Roger is a very strong and agile fighter hero if those who use it are smart in knowing the situation when to attack, defend, and most importantly change.

However, there are still a lot of users who make mistakes and as a result become a burden and bullied the team.


Mimin herself as Roger’s user did not escape the name of the error, maybe there were a lot when I first knew and used Roger which of course became a burden and bulliant for the team, but over time, Mimin understood everything to make Roger a favorite hero.

Well, for this post, the admin wants to share or discuss the mistakes made when using Roger so that they don’t continue to make mistakes in playing using Roger. Here are the mistakes made when playing Roger.

• It takes too long to turn into a human or a wolf.

This is the most common mistake made by novice users because they may not understand the skills and or because they like to use human or wolf mode without changing and not knowing their respective functions.

As is well known, Roger is a semi-maxman and fighter hero. In human mode (marksman) the damage produced is small, but can attack from a distance this mode is suitable for repaying the opponent’s blood before attacking him using wolf mode, while in wolf mode the damage is generated larger and suitable for close combat.

Well, so from now on you have to be smart in knowing when it’s time to become a human or a wolf.

• Enter or jump and start the war first.

It was a very fatal mistake to make, when Roger entered and started a war when the enemy gathered, instead of killing the enemy but dying silly in the middle of the war because he could be hit by too many cc.

Even though a fighter and having the instinct to fight and kill doesn’t mean having to start a war or as a tank at the front, it’s better to wait for the right time like when a tank or team initiator hero like Kagura starts a new war and appears and jumps in wolf mode and kills all enemies. This is so that when Roger enters or joins the war, he will not become a target.

• Wrong direction in using ultimate skill

It is natural for beginners to use Roger wrongly in directing skills, maybe because they are not used to it. Moreover, Roger has many skills and all of them need the right direction.

The mistake of directing Roger’s skill is usually done on his ultimate skill, especially when he wants to turn into a wolf, sometimes forgetting to direct it so that the result is not jumping to the enemy but moving away and it hurts more when he enters the tower.

Likewise when you want to change back to human sometimes without directing because you are nervous you want to run away and forget not to direct the skill. Instead of being safe, you die because you don’t aim at the skill and roll over to the enemy and end up dead

• Too long and focus on farming.

The next mistake is being too focused on farming rather than looking for kills at the beginning of the game. As a fighter hero Roger doesn’t really need too much farming, the important thing is that minions are not late and also klomang gets rich faster than jungling.

However, novice players when using Roger is busy farming, it’s better to give it to heroes who really need buffs in the team such as maxman, assassin and mage.

Roger is better off looking for a kill at the beginning of the game and push because Roger is superior and very strong at the beginning of the game while the enemy is still below level 4 and of course doesn’t have the ultimate skill yet while Roger already has many skills that make him able to kill opponents easily.

• Using the default build items.

Usually novice players don’t take care of the hero items that are used, only thinking about attacking and attacking without feeling pain or not the damage is given. This usually happens when players use default or default items.

It’s not too wrong actually if you use the default build that has been designed from there. However, the damage is a bit less if you use the default item because most of the time it prioritizes defense.

Like Roger’s default item, it doesn’t match because Roger needs attack speed and damage to fight while the default item is mostly defense. It’s better to change the item according to Roger’s needs or can use Roger’s build.

• Mistakes in escaping and chasing enemies.

Maybe most Roger users when running away or chasing enemies only rely on the second skill of human mode. Then, what about when the skill cooldown and want to run away or chase the enemy? Do you surrender or continue to fight but still die?

Hm, obviously this step is wrong because Roger is a very agile hero to escape and only Roger users with a quick way of thinking use it to escape.

Like using skill 2 in wolf mode, Roger can escape and chase enemies in the skill area very quickly even past the second human skill. Continue to his ultimate skill can also be used to run away, roll and jump by combining it with 2 human or wolf skills to wait for the skill cooldown that is used to run away or run to keep doing it repeatedly to survive and stay away.

So actually if we can and know the right time Roger can survive the enemy’s pursuit.

Well, that’s a mistake and at the same time tips on using Roger in Mobile Legends.

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