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Build Item Roger, The Werewolf

Roger is a hero who can change shape with two roles, namely marksman and fighter. In marksman mode Roger can slow down and chase enemies while fighter for close range.


Even though Roger has a role marksman, he can’t be said to be a real marksman hero because the damage produced is more likely to his fighter role than his marksman role.

In addition, Roger is a strong and agile hero. This strength will also increase if you use the right item. Then, what items are suitable for Roger.

Here I will share 2 Roger build items that you can try.


Item I

The first item is a very suitable item and I myself also use it as a Roger user. The item is similar to the item I use for Alucard if you want to play it safe because inside the item is very complex which is needed such as defense, lifesteal, and attack.

Even to be used against Alucard who is often called a hard-to-die hero because of his lifesteal. However, by using items and the help of the right emblem and spell, Roger can kill him easily.

For emblems and spells, they are different from those used by Alucard builds. Roger tends to continue to use fighter emblems related to his skill skills, for more details you can read at the end of the post.

Item II

This is Roger’s build item that puts forward attack speed and crit damage to make it more painful. This item is mostly an attack that is almost similar to the items used by marksman.

However, this item has a lack of defense and if caught, it can die easily. On the other hand, when fighting the damage is very painful, let alone deadly crit damage.

A little advice when using this item is to find the right time because as mentioned above, even though it has painful damage, if it is caught, it will die easily.

Here are the items and the reasons for using them.

• Demon Hunter Sword

In addition to providing a physical attack that makes Roger strong in the early game. This first item purchased will also help in farming and maintaining Roger’s blood because DHS will give an additional 60 damage to the monster and each attack will get a 3% lift every 4 seconds which can be stacked 5x.

• Swift Boots

Attack speed is one of the goals of this build. Therefore, the shoe item used is Swift Boots which is useful for boosting Roger’s attack speed and move speed.

• Scarlet Phantom

The first critical is obtained from the Scarlet Phantom item. There is no doubt about the effect given if we look for critical in the fight because if we manage to do critical, attack speed +30% and crit chance +5% for 2 seconds.

In addition, this item that is a favorite of many players provides physical attack, attack speed, and the most needed +25 crit strike channel.

• Endless Battle

The affairs of Roger’s regen and lifesteal in this build are left to the fourth item, namely Endless Battle because Roger is a wasteful fighter hero and also requires lifesteal so that blood does not run out easily and die especially during the last game.

• Windtalker

As the initial purpose of the build item prioritizes attack speed and crit damage. So, the next item to use is Windtaker because this item will provide attack speed, move speed and crit chance. Wow, it’s complex for Roger.

In addition, Windtalker every 3.5 seconds there will be an additional magic damage effect of 100 to 3 targets. This effect will also chase enemies if they run.

• Bersekers Fury

The last item why not use BOD but Bersekers Fury? because it feels incomplete if you use Scarlet Phantom not use Bersekers Fury which is usually combined and the purpose of this build is critical damage.

So, Bersekers Fury is very suitable in this build because it adds physical attack and crit chane also gets +40% crit damage from its special effects which makes Roger very sick with his critical in the last game.


• Fighters

The emblem that is suitable for use by Roger is not an assassin or others but according to the role of a fighter.

The reason for using this fighter emblem is because the emblem is closely related to the skill and tier emblem given and is certainly appropriate to maximize the items used.

The following tier is used for Roger.

– Tier I talent is taking Bravery which will add its physical attack.

– Talent tier II is to take Swift to increase his attack speed.

– Talent tier III or the last is using Disabling Strike because each skill will increase its slow effect, imagine when fighting the enemy is affected by the slow effect even if only for 2 seconds.


• Inspire

Inspire is the recommended spell for Roger, you can use Retribution if you want to farm faster.

However, I think Roger is quite ok when farming without Retribution, it’s better to use the Inspire spell because it will be much more suitable and useful when fighting with the wolf mode because Inspire will increase the attack speed of Roger and that means the lifesteal effect of the items used will be faster in increasing Roger’s HP to make it not easy to die.

Well, that’s an example of a build for Roger that you can try.

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