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How to Make a Compass in Minecraft PE

Compass is one of the items in Minecraft. For those of you who play in survival mode, the compass will help to find your way home if you get lost or are exploring far away.

The compass in Minecraft is different from the compass in the real world which always points north, while the compass in minecraft will always point to the initial spawn point even though you have made a bed and sleep in a different place will always point to the initial spawn point.

Even when dropped, in inventory and placed in a chest, the compass needle will still point to the spawn point. In addition to functioning to find the starting point, the compass is used to create a blank map by combining 8 blank papers which will have a white pointer that will move when you move. .


Then how to make it anyway? To make it is not difficult even for beginners, you only need ingredients like the one below to make it.

• Iron Bar

You only need 4 iron ingots to make a compass. Iron bars can be found by mining, in caves, cliffs or even if you are lucky you can find them on the surface. Mine iron blocks using a stone pickaxe and then burn them in the furnace to become iron bars.

• Redstone

To get redstone is easier than getting diamonds because there are quite a lot. Look for redstone in caves usually near the lava but if you want to mine it usually doesn’t reach the bottom or below layer 16. Mine using an iron pickaxe so it doesn’t break.

After all the materials you get, the next step is to make a compass on the manufacturing table by placing 4 iron bars and a redstone.

Without making a compass, you can actually find the initial spawn by looking at the compass in the search. But in my opinion it is less effective because you will waste a long time going back and forth to see it, unlike you make it and put it on the hotbar it will continue to look.

You can even have a compass by exchanging emeralds with villagers after a few exchanges or you can find them in a chest but with a small percentage.

Please choose for yourself how to have a compass. I think it’s better to make it because it’s not difficult and takes a long time to make.

So this post is for how to make a compass in Minecraft PE.

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