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How to Make a Torch in Minecraft PE

Light is very important for all of us when it is dark. Torches are an example of a light source in Minecraft. In this post I will discuss how to make a torch in Minecraft? Torches are very important during the first night when creating a new world.

There are 2 types of torches in Minecraft, namely ordinary torches and redstone torches which have different functions. Ordinary torches are usually used as lights because of the wide and bright light coverage compared to redstone torches which have a faint red light, these torches are less effective for lighting and are usually used for lighting. bombs, turn on power rails or redstone links and comparators.

This time I will discuss how to make an ordinary torch. This torch is very easy to make, you only need the following materials.

• Wooden stick

Wooden sticks are obtained by cutting down trees, use an ax to make it faster when cutting. Turn the wood into a plank or wood plank after that then make a stick.

• Coal or Charcoal

Coal can be found on the slopes of cliffs, in caves and even surfaces where there are a lot of rocks. Use a pickaxe to mine it.

While charcoal is an alternative if you don’t have coal. Charcoal can be obtained by burning wood in a furnace. Here’s how:

Place the wood on top and the board as fuel to make it more efficient or if you want to make a torch using a lot of charcoal and save on the board then make one charcoal and place the charcoal in the fuel to burn wood and turn it into charcoal.1 charcoal = 8 blocks same as as well as coal.

After you have a stick and coal or charcoal, then place the stick and charcoal or coal on the making table so that it becomes a torch.

Keep in mind the torch will not burn anything but it can melt ice and snow be careful when using a torch in the biome

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That’s the post on how to make a torch in Minecraft PE.

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