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How to Make a Nether Portal in Minecraft PE

Nether is one of the worlds in Minecraft. This is where the basic ingredients for making a bearada potion are nether wart. This place is very dangerous for those of you who are beginners because there are a lot of mobs.

In this post, I will explain how to create a nether portal to go to the nether


To go there we must have obsidian as the main ingredient for making the portal and for that we must have the following tools to search for obsidian as well as create portals.

• Diamond Pickaxe

This pickaxe is made of wood sticks and diamonds that can be obtained from mining or chests. Why should you use this pickaxe? Because Obsidian can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe.

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• Bucket

We use the bucket to take water or lava later. The bucket is made from placing 3 iron bars. Make more to make it faster.

• Shutter

The lighter is made of gravel (flint) and iron ingots. This is what will be used to light the portal.

After making the equipment, we then look for water sources and lava. For water is very easy to find and very abundant, while lava can be found in caves, cliffs, and even surfaces.

If the two are close, it will be easier for us to move it without having to go back and forth, immediately take water using a bucket and then flush it on the lava and it will automatically turn into obsidian then mine it using the diamond pickax we have made.

But sometimes we can also find obsidian that has become obsidian, just mining it like this picture.

If the distance between the water and the lava is far, there is another way to keep it from going back and forth. First take 1 bucket of water and the rest is lava. Make 3 blocks on the ground, place the water in the bucket on the first block.

LThen place the lava on block 3 and then 2, don’t place the lava on the first block because it will remove the water source. If blocks 3 and 2 have become obsidian, mine it first using a diamond pickaxe when the water will automatically flow back like the picture above.

Do it again like before until you get obsidian 12 or more. Setafter getting a lot of obsidian just make a 4×6 portal.

Then turn on the portal using the switch that we made earlier. Stand at the portal to go to the nether.

Things to watch out for when going to the nether:

• Don’t bring a bed and sleep in the nether because it can explode, the explosion is past the power of a bomb or dynamite

• Bring a lighter just in case because sometimes the portal can be killed by ghast fire or also bring obsidian blocks if we are too far from the portal and don’t know the position of the portal we can make it back.

• Use clothes and weapons.

That’s all about how to make a nether portal in Minecraft PE.

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