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How to Install Minecraft PE Texture Pack

Texture pack is a collection of files that can change the appearance of blocks, items, mobs, and GUI. The installation itself is the same as installing shaders which can be done in 2 ways, namely extracting and renaming the format.

Texture Pack

First step (extract)

1. If the downloaded texture pack is still in zip form. You can extract it directly into the folder or storage path that you use to save minecraft such as sdcard -> then select games -> com.mojang -> resource_packs.

In this example gamelmit extracts the texture pack Stars Faithful 128×128 which looks like the image above using ES File Explorer (ES File Explorer). If you want to download the texture, you can press here.So does ES File Explorer here because this app is not available on play store.

Here’s what the texture pack looks like that’s been extracted and saved to sdcard/games/com.mojang/resource_packs.

2. Run Minecraft, but if you finish playing it make sure to restart Minecraft so that the extracted texture pack can be read.

3. After logging in to Minecraft, select Settings and Global Resources.

4. Select MY PACKS and activate the texture pack.

5. Return to the start menu and wait for the process to finish, then you have successfully installed the texture pack and are ready to play.

If you use a texture pack above the initial GUI appearance will be like mcpc because this texture will change the appearance of mcpe to mcpc.

Second Way (Changing Format Name)

1. Change the name of the zip format on the texture pack to mcpack, but when the texture pack you download is already in mcpack format, you can go directly to step no. 2.

2. Tap the texture pack that has been renamed, it will automatically open Minecraft and wait for the texture import process to be successful.

However, when a pop up appears like the following, you first select Minecraft and always.

3. After importing the texture successfully, the next step is the same as the first method, namely entering the section Settings and Global Resources.Choose MY PACKS and activate the texture pack. Then, return to the game menu and wait for the texture loading process to complete.

Well, those are the ways that you can do to install a texture pack. When the second method fails to use you can use the first method. And vice versa, because there are some textures that are slightly different.

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