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Easy Ways to Beat Wither in Minecraft PE

Maybe those of you who are new to wither will say it is difficult to beat him. Because this mob is created by placing 4 soul sand or soil and 3 wither skeleton skulls, it has a destructive attack and is actively moving and can fly.


However, if you already know how to defeat the wither it’s actually very easy. You don’t even need to attack and the wither will die by itself. Curious about how? Here’s an easy way to beat the wither.

Easy Ways to Beat Wither in Minecraft PE

As we know wither has an attack that destroys any block except bedrock. Well, to defeat it we will take advantage of that block. Where we need bedrock that is located on top like in the nether or end.

As for this example, we will use a bedrock that is at the end where the ender dragon stands. That means you have to defeat the ender dragon first so it doesn’t interfere.

And then after defeating the ender dragon. You can look for the west from the bedrock by placing sunflowers. Because sunflowers always point to the east and the opposite direction is of course west. So don’t forget to bring sunflowers and soil.

For those of you who ask why should it go west? Because when the wither is raised it will spawn to the east so that in order to spawn right in the middle of the bedrock you have to make the wither from the west.

Next, when you find the west side you can dig 3 blocks down from the first bedrock (add a little ladder for the walk),

3 more blocks from the second bedrok,

and make a room with a size of 5x5x3 under the bedrock as follows.

Then, determine the midpoint and place 3 obsidian from the midpoint to the ladder.

Next, destroy 2 blocks each on the side of the stairs and place soul sand on the second bedrock followed by 3 parallel blocks in front of it so that it forms a sleeping T.

If you still have trouble placing 3 parallel soul sands, you can widen the sides again.

Then lastly, place the 3 winter skeleton skulls on 3 parallel soul sands.

So taraa wither spawns and gets stuck in bedrock over time, causing wither’s hp to decrease which eventually dies.

How? It’s easy not to beat the wither. It’s highly recommended to try it first in creative mode.

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