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How to get power berries and their 12 locations in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

In carrying out the activities in Harvest Moon HoLV, for example hoeing, hitting, cutting, and so on, you need a stamina. But what happens if the work is not finished, but the stamina has been exhausted. Of course it feels annoying not because you have to take a break for a while eat so that the stamina is filled again.

One way that you don’t do this too often is to eat Power Berries. What are Power Berries? Power Berry is a fruit that is useful for extending or increasing the character’s stamina so that you can work longer.

How to Get Power Berries in Harvest Moon HoLV

Because the Power Berry is hidden. To get the Power Berry you need the help of a dog to find it. So before you look for the Power Berry you must first have a dog at least 2 hearts and an ocarina which will be used to command the dog to look for the Power Berry. ocarina can buy it at the Louis store.

Now then after you have completed everything needed, you can start looking for it by bringing and placing the dog where the Power Berry would be. Then command the dog to use the ocarina by holding down the box button followed by pressing the command button, namely down, left, and up then The dog will bark 3 times and a Power Berry will appear.

Where to Get Power Berries in Harvest Moon HoLV

There are 12 locations where you can find Power Berries, but if you have found 4 Power Berries from the 12 available places you will only get Pontata Root and Truffle from the remaining places. Here are the 12 Power Berry locations.

1. Beside the Lyla Flower Shop flower garden.

2. Plaza between the signs or the road for Starling Ranch or the Item Shop.

3. Near the big rock in front of the Grocery Store or Ronald’s shop.

4. Near the Sunny Garden Cafe direction exit from Mallard Lake.

5. Outside fence near Clove Villa tree.

6. Near the Clove Villa fountain.

7. Next to the cliff or stairs to the right of Woody Carpentry.

8. Near the tree in front of Woody Carpentry.

9. Pike Mountain bushes.

10. On the path near the stairs of Pike Mountain.

11. Near the bridge and cliffs of Goddess Spring.

12. Near the Goddes Spring tree exit to Mallard Lake.

Then how to get the 5th Power Berry? Yep, in total, all Power Berries in Harvest Moon HoLV are 5 pieces, 4 of which can be obtained with the help of dogs and the last one you get from the dwarves after successfully completing the event where 2 dwarves ask for help to find Flak the yellow dwarf.

The dwarf event asking for help will appear if the three dwarfs have 1 heart. Make friends and give mushrooms to the three dwarfs every day is a way to increase the hearts of the dwarfs.

So that’s how to get the Power Berry and its 12 locations in Harvest Moon HoLV which is very useful for maintaining character stamina so that they can work longer.

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