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Tips for Winning Horse Racing in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Horse racing or horse race is an event that is held every season, except winter. This event is an event that many havesters look forward to, of course, to participate because in horse racing events there are many rare items that can be exchanged for medals won.


To win a horse race is actually not difficult. But for those of you who are still beginners in participating in horse racing, it must be difficult to win like Mimin the first time and because you don’t understand horse racing yet :v.

Well, but there’s no need to worry for those of you who are beginners or who have difficulty winning horse racing, this time Gamelmit will share tips to win in horse racing.

Tips for Winning Horse Racing in Harvest Moon HoLV

1. Raise the horse’s heart

The first step if you want to take part in horse racing is that you first raise the horse’s heart. Why? Because the more hearts the horse (Mak.5, you can see in the Balance Sheet) it has, the faster the horse will run.

To raise the heart of your horse, it is enough to take care of him every day such as brushing, talking to him, feeding him, and taking him for a walk.

2. Bringing race support items
When registering for a horse racing, you will be asked to choose a supporting item to bring during the race. Bringing a support item is very influential on the outcome of the race later. Here are the items that you can bring during the race.

fooder : Restores 5% stamina from the maximum amount.
Alfafa Sporut : Restores 10% stamina from the maximum amount.
Mineral Alpha Sporut : Restores 15% stamina from the maximum amount.
Herbs : Restores 20% stamina from the maximum amount.
Pontata Root : Restores 30% stamina from the maximum amount.
Carrot : Increases speed by 1.1x for 4 seconds.
Carrot Minerals : Increases speed by 1.2x for 5 seconds.

The selection of the items above that you want to bring also depends on the type of race you are participating in, for example:

Short type because the distance is short and requires speed, you can bring Mineral Carrot or if you don’t have Carrot just enough.

Long type because the distance is far and requires stamina, you can bring Pontata Root or if you don’t have it, just bring enough Herbs.

Finally, the Steeplechase type, this type of race is not much different from the Long type which requires stamina, so you can bring Pontata Root or Herb.

To use your support items use the triangle button.

3. Don’t be too wasteful of using stamina

Even if you carry support items, you are wasteful in managing stamina, it’s the same. Remember that horses have stamina that continues to decrease as the race progresses and will decrease very quickly when you use the O button.

Saving the horse’s stamina is very important because if the stamina runs out before the race is over, the horse will get tired and run very slowly. So don’t use the O button too often to speed up your horse. Use it wisely like when starting or in a straight line.

4. Select the left track path

Use the left lane when racing because the left side is the shortest distance from the track. In addition, the left lane can also be used to cover other racers who want to overtake because usually other racers also use the left lane.

5. Don’t be too fast at the turn

Now when you want to turn, reduce your speed. This is very important because if you turn using high speed, you will most likely have difficulty making the turn, it can even widen and hit the fence on the right. To reduce the speed of the horse, you can use the square button.

6. Don’t hit fences and other racer’s horses.

Making the slightest mistake like hitting a fence or another rider’s horse can cause you to lose momentum to win a horse race because the horse you are riding will slow down. So try not to do that.

So, those are the tips to win the horse race in Harvest Moon HoLV. Don’t forget to keep practicing to get used to it because theory alone is not enough if it is not balanced with practice.

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