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How to Get Golden Eggs and Milk in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Hi Harvesters are back again with gamelmit, on this occasion gamelmit will discuss how to get golden eggs and milk or also called egg and G milk in Harvest Moon HoLV.

Yep, golden eggs and milk is an ingredient with the highest price and quality among eggs and milk commonly obtained.

So it’s not surprising that many of you havesters are looking for it because in addition to taking time for livestock to produce, golden eggs and milk also have several functions including:

1. Complete The Tale Cake Contest Event

Later in this event we need and give golden eggs and milk to the main character of the event, Katie to be used as the main ingredients.

2. Go to Woody’s secret place.
A golden egg is a requirement if you want to go to Woody’s secret place which is where the golden mushroom and cherry tree seeds are. What are Cherry Tree Seeds? Those who are curious can read it in the following post.

3. One quick way to add gold.
As mentioned earlier that milk and golden eggs have a high price when they are sold so they can be used to quickly add gold. But you can also process them first into dishes to increase the selling price again. And one of the dishes that use these ingredients in particular golden milk is Fine Cheese with a selling price of 600 gold.

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How to Get Golden Milk in Harvest Moon HoLV

The first step if you want to get golden milk, of course, you have to have cows as the source. You can get cows here by buying them at Bob’s shop for 2500 gold. Then you can breed them using cow miracle potions.

Then after having a cow you have to take care of it every day by brushing it, talking to it, and most importantly feeding it because to get quality milk like golden milk, of course you need good and healthy cows.

Healthy cows will be faster to produce golden milk. Usually when you already have cows during the Spring season, then in the middle of Summer your cows can already produce golden milk.

But if you guys don’t like waiting, you can use Alpha Minerals to make it faster. But before using Mineral Alfafa you have to see first whether the cow is ready to produce it or not, if it is then there will be an inscription ‘Can now produce Gold Milk!?‘ in the Balance Sheet.

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By giving Alfafa Minerals as food you can get golden milk the next day, but to get the next day again you have to give back Alfafa Minerals.

How to Get Golden Eggs in Harvest Moon HoLV

To get golden eggs is not much different from getting golden milk, that is, you just need to take good care of the chickens and wait until they produce golden eggs or use Alphafa Minerals as feed.

Now that’s how to get golden eggs and milk in Harvest Moon HoLV. You can also get both at once by exchanging horse racing medals.

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