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How to Get Mushrooms in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

Mushrooms are one of the delicious plants to be used as food. Talking about mushrooms, maybe some of you Havesters are still wondering or confused about how to get mushrooms in Harvest Moon [HoLV] ?

Well, to answer this question, in this post, Gamelmit will discuss how to get mushrooms in Harvest Moon [HoLV] so that those who don’t know can know of course.

Previously, mushrooms were one of the plants in Harvest Moon that could be sold, cooked, and most importantly, approached the dwarves so that later you would get a Power Berry.

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How to Get Mushrooms in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

Mushrooms themselves are different from most plants in Harvest Moon [HoLV] because it only grows by itself in Woody’s felling place. So, to get mushrooms you have to go to a secret place or a place to cut down Woody’s trees.

There are 2 secret places belonging to Woody, namely the usual place used for Part Time and the Special Spot which is a place where you can get gold mushrooms. To go to the Special Spot you need a gold egg, then give it to Woody. Later, Woody will invite you to the Special Spot’s place.

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Still not enough? Hm, indeed to get mushrooms from Woody’s secret place cannot be done every day. But don’t worry, you can still use other ways to get mushrooms, namely by growing them yourself using a lumber.

Go behind the rare item place, there is a board that is used to place the lumber. A maximum of you can only put 3 lumbers. Later the lumbers that you put here will produce mushrooms. So make sure you don’t forget to water the lumber every day like you plant other plants.

After, 1 week the mushrooms have grown and you can pick them up. Unfortunately when you take mushrooms, the lumber used to grow the mushrooms will be lost and cannot grow mushrooms repeatedly.

So you have to put back the lumber when you want to grow mushrooms again and pay attention to the season because like other plants when entering the changing seasons the plants will die. By growing your own mushrooms using this lumber you also have the opportunity to get golden mushrooms.

Still not enough? Yes, the name of a human is not enough: v, but that’s okay, there are still other ways to get mushrooms if you are still lacking in the two ways above. This method is the last and ultimate method because what you get directly is golden mushrooms. The trick is that you can get earn by exchanging the horse race medals you win for golden mushrooms. One mushroom equals 10 medals.

Okay, hopefully the three methods above are enough and can help to get mushrooms in Harvest Moon [HoLV].Happy searching.

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