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How to Get Cherry Tree Seeds in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Hi harvesters, this time’s post gamelmit will again discuss the Harvest Moon HoLV game. Actually this post is also to complement the previous post, which is about how to get milk and golden eggs in Harvest Moon HoLV. Because if gamelmit explained in the article it might be too long and out of topic of discussion so this time gamelmit will discuss it in a post about how to get Cherry Tree Seeds.


Previously, the information about Cherry Tree Seeds was obtained from my blog ID HarvestIn the post, explaining and proving that Cherry Tree Seeds really exist is not a hoax.

Gamelmit himself, after reading the post, immediately tried it and sure enough, Cherry Tree Seeds are not a hoax. For those of you who don’t know what Cherry Tree Seeds are and are curious to get them, keep reading this post until the end: v.

What are Cherry Tree Seeds? Cherry Tree Seeds or cherry tree seeds are not an important item and have no use except selling them at Lyla’s Flower Shop. So what makes many harvesters look for these items even though they don’t have an important function, maybe the answer is like gamelmite out of curiosity, rare, and to prove the circulating hoaxes.

How to Get Cherry Tree Seeds in Harvest Moon HoLV

Previously in finding Cherry Tree Seeds we had to meet several conditions first.

Completed 100 Year’s Old Cherry Tree Seeds Event.

Already in year 3.

Have at least 1 Golden Egg.

After fulfilling the requirements above, then you can search for Cherry Tree Seeds in the following way:

1. Go to Woody Carpentry when it opens at 09.00 am – 02.00 pm (Tuesday, Thursday, and when it rains off).
2. Give a golden egg to WoodyThen he will ask a question and choose ‘Yes“.

3. After that, you will be taken to a secret place in which there are Cherry Tree Seeds.

Unfortunately not every day we can get Cherry Tree Seeds, it takes patience of course to succeed in getting these Cherry Tree Seeds.

So that’s how to get Cherry Tree Seeds in Harvest Moon HoLV, which is not a hoax, if you look for it properly.

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