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How to Get a Free Starlight Member Skin

How to get a Starlight Member Skin for free – Hello to all ml-gamer friends, the admin will take this opportunity to give you a few tips How to Get Starlight Skin for Free on Mobile Legend.

Starlight Member in Mobile Legends is a paid membership where players who wish to join must first pay to join the membership.

There are many benefits that you get when you join a Starlight membership. However, the most important and most anticipated by the players was Starlight skinshis.

This exclusive skin, which you can only get when you join a Starlight membership, is one of those skins that are quite rare.

Of course, many Mobile Legends players hope to be able to get this Starlight skin, because it is not only very rare to own, but also very cool in appearance and costumes.

In fact, it is not uncommon for many players to expect to be able to obtain Starlight member skins for free without having to purchase them. Is it possible?

Of course I can. Moonton always offers different ways to make every player feel at home, namely by showing ways to get free Starlight member skins or by getting by Starlight member skins for free without paying and without having to buy a membership. How then?

The method is actually quite simple. Maybe there are players who already know, and maybe there are players who still don’t understand. So, if you still don’t know how to get the previous Starlight Skin for free, there are some explanations you can follow below.


Collect fragments

Would you like to receive free starlight skins? One way is to collect fragments. However, these are not random fragments, but rather rare fragments of skin.

Well, by collecting these types of fragments, it is certain that you can get Starlight Skins for free. In general, the starlight skins you get are past starlight skins, also known as starlight skins, that have been around for a long time.

There are several free Starlight skins that you can get such as: B. Skins Alucard, Miya, Moskov, Franco, Karina, Natalia, Argus, Aurora and so on. It is also possible that there are other starlight skins that are available for free, such as the starlight skins Angela, Lancelot, Leomord, Hanabi, Martis, Irithel, Roger and so on.

For the time being, of course, there are already many starlight skins that can be obtained for free, namely by exchanging these 200 rare fragments. So if you want to collect this rare fragment quickly, you can read it here.

That way, you can be sure that you can get that past Starlight skin without having to buy it.

The following events

This method is not safe to give starlight skin. But what does free mean, do you really want it? So if you want to get a free Starlight skin, you can take part in Mobile Legends game events.

Surely there isn’t an event every day, is there?

However, it is possible to get a free starlight skin. Even last December when there was a Christmas party, the Mobile Legends game developer presented a huge event where every player could get up to 2 starlight skins for free or for free.

So it is likely that there will be a similar event in the future. More specifically, a similar event will take place when a major day is celebrated, be it a religious holiday or a national holiday.

So keep an eye on the latest events to get free starlight skins without having to purchase them.

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This is the discussion about How to get starlight skins for free what’s over. Hopefully this discussion can be useful to all of you when it comes to getting Starlight member skins. Greetings ML players!

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