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How to get free Argus skin very easily

As we know, Legends mobile games are becoming increasingly popular lately and are played by people from different backgrounds.

The game of mobile legends is of course inseparable from the name hero or character. Of course, this mobile legends game cannot be played without a hero, as the hero has a decisive influence on the course of the game.

Well, of course, when we talk about heroes in mobile legends, we are no strangers to one of the heroes mentioned Argus.

This Argus hero is pretty much played by ML players, especially for them, ML players who like to play with fighter heroes because of this Argus hero role how fighter or fighter.


To make a nice and cooler impression, the player Hero Argus uses a skin. This skin is meant to enhance the impression of a cooler game and look more professional for teammates and opponents.

There are Argus hero skins that must be paid for and some can be purchased for free. So what skin is that? For more information on how to get free Argus skins, see the explanations below.

~ Dark Draconic (Starlight)

How to get the latest free Atgus Starlight member skin

Skins dark draconian is one of the skins from Hero Argus. This skin is a Starlight member skin that players can get when they join and purchase a Starlight membership.

Then what is skin argus dark draconian can be obtained free of charge?

Well, on average, Star Skins are exclusive skins that are not available for free. However, you can get this Argus Star hero skin for free. Wow do you really want

How to get a free Argus Dark Draconic Skin is actually very simple and certainly free without having to pay.

The way to get it is to collect an exchange item called a Rare Skin Fragment. Of course you already know this article, right? Well, if you want to know how to collect a lot of rare skin fragments, you can read about it here.

Essentially, if you collect 200 of these items, my friend can get a Starlight Argus skin for free. So collect these items and get a free Argus skin.

~ Light of the Dawn

This is how you can get free Argus Skins quickly and easily

Skins Dawn The hero of Argus seems pretty cool too. With its white color and beautiful wings like angry doves, it also looks cool.

This skin is actually available for free, even many players have managed to get this Argus skin for free.

To get it my friend can play on Lucky Spin. However, there is of course no direct Argus Skin drawing, you have to wait for the next drawing at Lucky Spin. Who knows that this Argus skin exists, because this skin has often appeared as a lucky film prize.

Therefore, my friend can continue to monitor the lottery prizes that are drawn at Lucky Spin. In the meantime, my friend can collect as many tickets as possible so the chances of getting skins are greater. To be able to collect a lot of tickets, my friend can read it here too.

This is the discussion aboutHow to get free Argus skins“that you can try. In fact, there are other Argus skins like catastrophe that are pretty cool. But Skin catastrophe It’s not available for free at the moment, but you still need to use diamonds to get it. Hopefully all of this can be useful to all of you. Greetings ML players!

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