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2 easy ways to see data usage on Xiaomi phones

Here’s how to see the data usage on xiaomi redmi – One of Smartphone what is quite common in our country is Smartphone xiaomi.

This Xiaomi smartphone is also widely used by the public. For some reason, maybe because the battery life benefit is also one of the reasons so many people are interested in these types of Android smartphones.

In addition, the affordable price for the middle and lower classes is also one of the reasons why Xiaomi phones are quite popular in this area of ​​our country and have many users.

There are so many types of Xiaomi phones scattered around right now. This means that Xiaomi phones are in great demand, so they keep being released Smartphone the latest with different types and functions that are different and unique.

Speaking of features, of course there are plenty of advanced features that are constantly evolving. Naturally, the more it is released on the latest smartphone, the more sophisticated the features will be and will continue to be complemented with the latest features that are different from before.


Well, of course you must have thought how much Data consumption for today, for the week or even for the month?

To check data usage, people usually use the manual method which would be very inconvenient. Fortunately for those of you who use a Xiaomi smartphone, the ability to view data usage is of course provided by the standard application.

Even so, there are still some Xiaomi phone users who are confused about such things. So if you are confused about such things and want to know how to see data usage on your Xiaomi phone, you can follow the two options below.

You can use this method to view data usage on different xiaomi phones like xiaomi redmi 5a, xiaomi redmi 4x, note 5a, xiaomi redmi 3, redmi 3 pro, redmi 2, redmi 4a, mi41, miui 8, miui 9 and others Types.

Okay, here’s how to use internet data / internet quota usage on a Xiaomi phone.


  1. Please open the app safety on your Xiaomi phone. You can find the application right away as the application is a standard application that has existed since you bought your Xiaomi Android smartphone.
  2. Then several options appear, then my friend can choose an option Data consumption.
  3. Then several options will also be displayed, e.g. B. Restrict data usage, etc. So you can choose here Data usage statistics.
  4. Several options are displayed above the menu to view Internet quota data usage based on days to months.
  5. Buddy can choose which one, then it will show how much data usage has been used and which applications are using your data quota the most, down to the smallest. Complete!

For those of you whose Xiaomi phone doesn’t have the default application, don’t be discouraged as there is still a solution for checking other data usage that you can try and that is with the help of Third party apps. Follow these steps.

1. First my friend goes to the playstore and installs an application called My data manager My data manager. For the size, the application is not that expensive, namely only 5.3MB. You can search for it manually by typing the word in the playstore.

How to find / check / view the data usage on the Xiaomi Redmi Note Miui 8 9 status bar

2. After it has been installed, now open it and check the approval. Then click skip any blend tutorial.

How To Manage Xiaomi Data Usage / How To Find The Quota Usage On Xiaomi.  out

3. When everything is done, it will write how much data usage has been consumed along with applications that are consuming the quota usage.

Surely not difficult, right? You can also manage the data usage on your Xiaomi phone and limit the usage of the data quota on your Xiaomi smartphone if you think the application is quite wasting your quota.

This is information about How to check Xiaomi’s data usage that you can try. Hopefully this can come in handy and help all of my friends who are having trouble with this. Much luck.

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