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How to Automatically Launch Fireworks in Minecraft PE

Hi, crafters, I can’t believe it’s almost New Year’s Eve. Usually a lot of people light fireworks to celebrate it.

Likewise in our favorite game Minecraft. We can make fireworks parties to celebrate. Because as we know fireworks have been added to Minecraft in version 1.2 with various colors and shapes.


As for using them yourself, fireworks are pretty easy. You just have to hold them and tap on any block to launch them.

However, when you want to make fireworks in this way, it’s definitely not effective, it’s just tiring. So you need a way to launch the fireworks automatically so you can freely enjoy the display of each firework that is launched.

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to launch fireworks automatically, Gamelmit will discuss how to do it in a simple way.

Required Items

• Dispenser

• Lever

• Redstone

• Redstone Torch

• Redstone Repeater / Comparator

How to Launch Fireworks Automatically

1. Place the dispenser in an upward direction. You can use the help of another block to make the dispenser point up.

2. Place the redstone torch next to the dispenser. If you have trouble use the sneak button or bend over.

3. Place the redstone repeater next to the dispenser one block apart.

4. Connect the redstone torch to the redstone repeater and the redstone repeater to the dispenser using redstone as follows.

This allows the dispenser to operate automatically

5. Place the lever on the dispenser in the direction of the redstone repeater. The lever is used to turn on and off the redstone circuit made in step 4.

6. Turn off the redstone circuit and put the fireworks you have into the dispenser. After that, turn the circuit back on and congratulations you have successfully launched fireworks automatically.

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If you want to make more fireworks launches with a certain distance. You just simply add a dispenser and connect it to the circuit using redstone as follows.

Make sure when you build a long distance add the redstone repeater again to extend the range of the redstone flame. Don’t add a redstone torch or anything else as it will ruin the whole circuit.

Maybe that’s enough for a simple way to launch automatic fireworks using the help of a dispenser. For other shapes, you can create your own or watch on youtube.