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How to Make Fireworks of Various Shapes and Effects in Minecraft PE

Fireworks are identical to their beautiful light when viewed at night but that doesn’t stop fireworks also usually have shapes and effects. In Minecraft PE itself fireworks were added in v1.2 with various shapes, effects, and several functions such as to push the elytra wings or as ammunition from crossbows.

Well, for those of you who don’t know how to make it, this time Gamelmit will share how to make fireworks of various shapes and effects in Minecraft.

Required Items

• Paper

• Dye

• Head of Mobs

• Gunpowder

• Fire Charge

• Feather

• Gold Nuggets

• Glowstone Dust

• Diamonds

How to Make Fireworks of Various Shapes

1. Small Ball Shape Fireworks

This shape is a common shape available in the creative mode inventory. To make a small ball fireworks you must first make the fireworks star by adding gunpowder and dye what you want on the crafting table. After that, re-craft the small ball fireworks star with gunpowder and paper so it becomes a firework in the shape of a small ball with the color you added.

2. Big Ball Shape Fireworks

As the name implies, this fireworks shape is bigger than before. And to make it you just need to add fire charge, gunpowder, and coloring when making fireworks stars. Then, crafting it again with gunpowder and paper.

3. Explosion Shaped Fireworks

Has the form of an explosion when launched this fireworks is made by combining feather, gunpowder, and dye in making the fireworks star. Then, just combined with gunpowder and paper.

4. Creeper Shape Fireworks

To make creeper-shaped fireworks you need mobs head any type and add it with gunpowder and dye. To form a creeper fireworks star which is then recrafted with gunpowder and paper to make a creeper-shaped fireworks.

5. Star Shape Fireworks

The last form of fireworks that you can make is a star-shaped fireworks. This shape is made by adding gold nuggets when making the fireworks star. Then, re-craft it with gunpowder and paper.

How to Create a Fireworks Effect

After understanding how to make fireworks of various shapes. Now you can add effects to the fireworks. Even though the actual addition of effects is done when making it but it’s not a problem so it’s easy to understand.

Back to the topic of making fireworks effects, in Minecraft there are 2 items that can trigger the effects of fireworks, namely glowstone dust and diamonds. These two items have different effects on fireworks such as flickering effects, traces, and flickering and traces.

flickering effect is the effect created by glowstone dust when you add it to making fireworks stars. For example, making fireworks in the shape of a large ball of twinkling, then you need to add glowstone dust when making a big ball of fireworks star so that it will produce a large sparkling ball of fireworks. Then, then craft it with gunpowder and paper so that make a big ball of sparkling fireworks.

Whereas trace effect is an effect that makes the traces of the shape of the fireworks after launch and will appear thicker. This effect is generated from the second item diamonds which is added, such as adding glowstone dust, which is when the fireworks star is made. For example, the following example shows fireworks with a trail effect.

Then the final effect is twinkle and trace which is a combination of the two effects above. This effect will appear on the fireworks when you add glowing dust and diamonds when crafting fireworks stars.

How to Make Fireworks of Various Shapes and Effects

As the title suggests, these fireworks have various shapes and effects described above when they were launched. You just need to combine them to make your own fireworks star (small balls, big balls, creepers, explosions, and stars) that have been added effects into one with gunpowder and paper.

That’s how to make fireworks of various shapes and effects. A few notes you can add more than one color in crafting fireworks stars to create fireworks that are colorful.

And to add distance or duration launch of fireworks you can add gunpowder but a maximum of 3 pieces only when combining fireworks stars, gunpowder, and paper. In addition, adding duration will also affect the firing range when used for crossbow ammunition.

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