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How to Get and Use Elytra Wings in Minecraft PE

Elytra wings are items in Minecraft that can be used to fly or glide. These items are rare and cannot be crafted. So to have elytra wings you have to get them.

Fly with Elytra

Where the only way to get elytra wings in survival is to search in the end city. However, getting there is not easy. You have to enter the end portal and defeat the ender dragon to open the portal to the end city.

This portal will appear on the top edge of the island where you defeat an ender dragon that is one block in size and flanked by bedrock.

To enter the portal, you need an ender pearl that is thrown into the portal so that it teleports to the end city. There you will find many chorus trees, enderman, and of course end city.

Look for an end city that has a ship or end ship because that is where the elytra wing is located. Maybe it will take a long time to find the whereabouts of the end ship.

Then, after successfully finding the end ship. You can enter the end ship but be careful because the end ship is guarded by mobs named shulker who will issue attacks like balls and can follow. If hit it will cause a floating effect which can be dangerous for you because it will make a fall when the ball effect has run out.

There are at least 2 shulkers at the end of the ship, namely at the top and in the elytra wing room but you only need to beat those in the room to get the elytra wings.

Then, after defeating the shulker you can pick up the elytra wing that is in the frame between the two chests. Just press on the elytra wing to release it from the frame and pick it up.

Congratulations you have got the elytra wings and to return to the overworld you can use the small portal that you used to enter the end city as well as the portal that was under the footing of the ender dragon before.

How to Use Elytra Wings in Minecraft PE

After successfully getting the elytra wings, you can now use them. However, you need to install the elytra wings first by opening your inventory and placing the elytra wings in the box you usually use to place the chestplate armor as follows.

Next you look for a high place like a cliff. Because basically the elytra wings don’t really fly straight away but glide. So it requires a high place and has a fairly long trajectory.

Then press the run button until you reach the edge, immediately press the jump button twice without releasing the run button, then you can slide using the help of the elytra wings.

Use the screen to adjust the direction and the fireworks to push the elytra wings further. Make sure the fireworks have no effect because if they explode it will definitely hurt.

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Well, that’s about how to get and use elytra wings in Minecraft PE. Although there is actually a way to launch elytra without the need to find a high place, that is by pressing the left side of the screen and quickly pressing the jump button twice and having to hold the fireworks. This is fairly difficult and must be practiced often.