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Guide, Tutorial, Build, and How to Play Tigreal in Mobile Legends

Tigreal is a tank hero that is currently rarely used in ranked games when in fact this hero is one of the tanks that has a lot of stun and can disrupt the opponent’s formation. Use a tank emblem when using Tigreal so that Tigreal is thicker and not easily defeated. For battle spells use flickr which will later be useful to help disrupt the opponent’s formation. This is a Guide, Tutorial, Build, and How to Play Tigreal in Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game take skill 1 and then immediately go to the top or bottom lane. Kill the creeps in the lane, then after advancing to level 2, take skill 2. It’s better not to fight with opponents before level 4 because you haven’t gotten the ultimate skill. After reaching level 4 take the ultimate skill then get ready for war on the lane. First clear the creep in the lane, after that use flickr then continue with the ultimate skill that will stun all opposing heroes around Tigreal. Continue with skill 2 to push the opponent’s hero. Push the opponent’s hero towards the tower so that the tower also attacks him. Together with teammates, attack the opponent’s hero who is pushed into the tower. If this plan is successful, the opposing hero who was pushed into the tower should die.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the Mid Game, the damage from the opponent’s assassin, mage, and marksman has certainly increased so when war is ready to help other teammates because the presence of tanks is very necessary during war. If there are no tanks it will usually be difficult to win the war because there is no one to withstand the opponent’s attack. Don’t use the ultimate skill too often if you only fight 1 or 2 opposing heroes, especially tanks that have the potential to survive because of their large enough defense.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game when the opponent’s marksman and assassin are very dangerous, the tank’s task is to kidnap the marksman or assassin or stun one of them so that other friends can attack the hero to death. Take care of our team’s marksman so as not to be suddenly attacked by the opponent’s assassin because usually assassins target marksman in the late game because the damage is painful but easy to kill because the defense is small.

Build Gear Tigreal

Warrior Boots
Increases Tigreal’s armor and movement speed

Added ability to resurrect after death (Cooldown 180 seconds)

Bloodthirsty King
Adds 1550 HP and when assists or kills the opponent’s hero will regenerate Tigreal’s HP 20%

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen
increase lifesteal, reduce skill cooldown time by 10%, and add 1000 HP


Increases resistance to magic and reduces skill cooldown time by 10%

Cursed Helmet
Increases resistance to magic and deal damage around Tigreal.

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