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Guide and Tutorial of Hylos the Horse Tank Hero in Mobile Legends Ranked Game

Hylos is a tank hero similar to a horse which is quite dangerous, especially in the early game in the ranked game because even though this hero is a tank hero, the damage is quite noticeable, namely from his second skill which can damage the area around Hylos. Hylos’ second skill only has a 1 second delay, but it drains Hylos’ mana and HP so use it well and don’t use it if it’s not needed. The first skill can also stun the opponent’s hero, but can’t be used on creeps or monsters in the forest so it doesn’t work for hunting or jungling. Hylos’ ultimate skill can increase the movement speed of Hylos and the team on the path that has been formed by the skill and slow down the opponent’s movement speed. Not only that, the skill also heals Hylos’ HP, making Hylos difficult to beat. Use battle spell petrify or flickr for Hylos. Petrify can be used after the first skill is used to stun the opponent’s hero longer, but if it is not necessary, you can use flickr to run away or chase the enemy hero who has run away. For emblems, use a mage or tank emblem as needed.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
Hylos can go directly to the upper lane or lower lane, if needed help teammates who are in the jungle so that Hylos also gets additional experience so that he level up faster. Take skill 2 first when starting the game. Attack the tank hero later because it is difficult to turn off and the damage is not much. After level 2 take skill 1 which works to stun the opponent’s hero. In the top lane or bottom lane, together with teammates, attack the softer heroes first, such as mage, marksman, assassin, or support type heroes. Back off if the enemy gets help from the opponent’s hero in another lane. Don’t forget to tell your teammates if an enemy hero is missing or missing from the map, prepare a quick chat before starting the game for that so you don’t have to bother typing. Focus on keeping the tower from enemy attacks. As usual, prioritize ultimate skills to be picked up at level 4.8, and at 12.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)

During the mid game, some of Hylos’ gear is ready, so don’t hesitate to open war if necessary. For open war, you can use the ultimate skill to approach the opponent along with team members, then connect with stun and activate skill 2. Don’t forget to target the opponent’s hero who is the sickest first during war.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Stay focused on protecting the tower during the late game, help a friend who wants to kill a lord or when attacked by an opponent. Don’t be bored to return to base when it runs out because of skill 2.

Guide Build Gear Hylos

Clock of Destiny

Adds Hylos’ magic power, making it a deadly tank.

Warrior Boots
Increases Hylos’ movement speed and physical armor

Cursed Helmet
This is Hylos’ main item that has an effect like Hylos’ second skill, namely dealing damage to nearby opponents.

Increases magic attack defense or magic resistance and reduces skill cooldown by 10%

Dominance Ice
Added 70 physical armor and reduced skill cooldown time by 5%

Hylos can resurrect if it dies (this effect cooldown has a cooldown time of 180 seconds after active)

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