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4 Mobile Legends Heroes Who After Patch Buff Become Stronger

Some of the heroes in Mobile Legends that have just been released are sometimes too strong or overpowered, but there are also heroes who are considered less useful even if they use them in ranked games, usually there are those who doubt the professionalism of the users because the heroes themselves are not strong enough. For this reason, patches are usually carried out to improve heroes who are less strong and reduce the strength of heroes who are too strong.

1. Kagura

After patching, the damage from Kagura’s umbrella cannot be underestimated. Especially the ultimate skill of the umbrella which can attract several heroes at once. Not only that, Kagura can also move to where she threw her umbrella and stun the surrounding enemies.

2. Johnson

Before the patch, Johnson was already thick because of his passive skill which gave Johnson shield when HP was below 30%. However, after patching his skills, Johnson became an even greater hero. Not only thick, but the skill can also stun and slow the opponent. This makes Johnson a feared tank today.

3. Bane

Not only did Bane’s appearance change, but her skills as well. Bane who previously had a scary appearance like a pirate captain turned into a cute and unique sea monster after the patch. Bane’s skill that is very useful after patch rework is his ultimate skill which was previously a flying ship that flew straight, now becomes a whirlpool that continues to chase opponents.

4. Nana

Nana and her team’s heroes will get a bonus of 10 gold every 10 seconds. Of course this makes Nana a walking gold mine. In addition, Nana’s 2 skills, which previously immediately turned the opponent into a cat, now turned into an area, but did not immediately change the opponent. Nana will issue a cat spirit to put in the place we choose so that when an opposing hero sets foot in the area, he will be chased by the cat spirit and turned into a cat for a while. This change in skill 2 makes it more difficult for Nana to fight close-range enemies, especially assassin heroes who can run away quickly like Fanny or Gusion.

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