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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, and How to Play the Strongest and Best Kaja in Mobile Legends

Kaja is a semi-support tank-type hero shaped like a bird who has the ability to attract opposing heroes to follow Kaja for a while. With this ability, Kaja becomes a pretty dangerous support hero. Kaja uses magic power in using her skills. Here’s a Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, and How to Play the Strongest and Best Kaja in Mobile Legends.

Kaja Skills

Eye of the Storm (Passive)
Kaja’s movement speed increases by 40% after being attacked by enemy heroes. The movement speed obtained will decrease after 1 second. This skill can be activated every 5 seconds.

Ring of Order
Kaja released the Ringed Electric Blade which expanded rapidly and contracted. The affected opponent will experience a decrease in speed and take damage.

Gale Force
Kaja charges in the direction specified by the player. Deals damage to enemies that are passed in the charge path. If there is a Kaja team unit in that route, Kaja can charge back towards the unit and Kaja gets a shield and an increase in movement speed for a while.

Divine Judgment (Ultimate)
Kaja’s ultimate skill is able to attract the opponent’s hero to follow Kaja for a while. The enemy hero affected by this skill will take damage and experience a decrease in magic resistance.


Early Games
At the beginning of the game, take skill 1 (Ring of Order) first. Help a teammate who took the buff and then immediately go to the top or bottom lane. Try not to open war before level 4 and take the ultimate skill. When it is level 4, use skill 2 (Gale Force) to charge towards the opponent, then pull the opponent with the ultimate skill and end with the first skill. It would be great if there was a hero like Zilong who was able to attract opponents so that opponents could be attracted to our tower.

Mid Game
Beware of sudden attacks especially from the bushes. Also pay attention to lane mid when enemy heroes suddenly disappear.

Late Game
If a war occurs, protect the marksman from being attacked by the opponent. Check any grass or bushes around before walking further towards the opposing tower. Buy defense potions for tanks after all items are purchased.

Guide Build Gear Kaja

Warrior Boots
Increases physical armor and movement speed.

Cursed Helmet
Increases HP and magic resistance and adds a soul burning effect that burns and reduces the HP of opponents around Kaja.

Blade Armor
Increases physical armor and counter 25% basic physical attack damage from the opponent

Twilight Armor
Add HP, mana, and HP regen

Sky Guardian Helmet
Adding HP and HP Regen

Increases HP, Magic Resistance, and the effect of rising from the dead (cooldown 180 seconds)

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