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Guide Build Gear, Tutorial, How to Play the Strongest, Sickest, Best Clint in Mobile Legends

Clint is a marksman hero with a gun that has quite painful and deadly damage. This cowboy-style hero is not too difficult to use so it only takes a little practice to be proficient in using it. Use the marksman emblem and battle spell retribution to help Clint in his hunt and make him stronger. Build Gear Guide, Tutorial, and How to Play the Strongest, Sickest, Best Clint in Mobile Legends.

Clint’s Skills

Quick Draw (Passive)
After using the skill, the next basic attack will penetrate all opponents in a straight line and deal damage as much as 120% basic attack.

Blind Smoke
Clint fires a smoke shell that makes the area smoke and the heroes inside experience a decrease in basic attack hit rate and movement speed.

Heel Rope
Shoots a net trap forward and deals small damage to the opponent and slows him down. At the same time, Clint jumped back.

Howitzer (Ultimate)
Fires a grenade at the target specified by the player. Grenade bullets can stack up to 5 rounds. When the bullet is fired and less than 5, the bullet will increase in a certain time.

Clint Play Strategy

Early Games
Buy item hunt and take skill 1 (Blind Smoke) at the beginning of the game. Pick up buffs at the top or bottom when none of your teammates need them. Go to one of the lanes and kill the creeps that are there. Take skills 1 and 2 alternately, but still prioritize the ultimate skill.

Mid Game
Stay focused on hunting and leveling up, but also don’t forget to guard the lane. If you get a chance go to the turtle to kill it and get extra experience and gold.

Late Game
Be careful of assassins and marksman whose damage is already very painful in the late game. Do not be near grass or bushes because it makes Clint easy to kidnap by enemy heroes who are hiding. When war also keep your distance to stay behind, especially behind tanks, but still be able to reach and attack your opponent. Sell ​​hunting items purchased early in the game, replace them with Blade of Despair. Buy a potion attack item to increase Clint’s strength and damage. Go to Lord and defeat him when 2 or more enemy heroes die.

Clint’s Combo Skills and Attacks
When attacking an opponent, use skill 1 then basic attack, then continue with the ultimate skill. After that attack the enemy to death. If you fail to defeat the enemy and are even attacked at the same time, retreat using skill 2.

Guide Build Gear Clint

Swift Boots
Increases Clint’s movement speed and attack speed

Added attack speed, movement speed, and crit chance

Endless Battle
Adds damage, movement speed, cooldown reduction, mana regen, and Clint’s HP and adds a lifesteal effect to every Clint attack, making Clint hard to beat.

Berserker Fury
Increases Clint’s damage, critical chance, and critical damage

2x Blade of Despair
Increases Clint’s damage significantly

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