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Tips and How to Become Top Local and Global Mobile Legends

To become a local or global top in terms of heroes is definitely not easy. Various kinds of matches and tough opponents must be defeated to get the position. It takes a lot of time and professionalism in playing to become a top player in the Mobile Legends game. Here are some tips to become a top professional player in Mobile Legends.

1. Take Time
Time is a pretty vital determinant in professionalism in any field. The more time they have, the more professional the player will be because they have a lot of flying hours and experience.

2. Form a Team with Professional Friends
Form a team when playing in ranked games with friends who are professionals in playing their roles. Try to play with the same people because usually the more often you play together, the more compact you will be.

3. Keep Using the Same Hero
By using the same hero over and over again, we will be more accustomed to using it and the longer it will be professional in using the hero.

4. Surrender if there is an AFK team or you have missed equipment and levels
If you are already very behind and unable to turn things around, it is better to give up and focus on the next match so as not to waste time and in the end the result is the same, namely losing.

5. Often See Map When Competing
Seeing the mini map is very necessary when in the game because enemies can attack from anywhere and when friends need help or there is a tower being attacked, then we can immediately know and help.

6. Change to more advanced gear and buy potions during the late game
When the game is late, sometimes players or players forget to replace their gear with a more sophisticated one, even some who still have gear for hunting purchased in the early game. This seemingly simple thing can be a factor of quite fatal defeat. If the gear has been replaced, buy potions according to their respective roles to get additional status.

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