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Guide Build Gear Martis Strongest Fighter Mobile Legends

Not long ago, Mobile Legends released the newest fighter hero, namely Martis. This hero is so feared because his skills can stun opponents and this hero is not a hero that is difficult to use, besides that Martis does not use mana in removing his skills. Use battle spell retribution for in-game hunting. For emblems, it’s optional but it’s better to use an assassin emblem so that Martis’ damage is more lethal. In Ranked Game Mobile Legends, Martis is one of the feared heroes so he is often banned before the game starts. Even so, there is still a chance to use Martis because not all opponents consider Martis a dangerous hero.


Early Game (Below Level 8)
Buy the item hunt first then take the buff on the bottom line. After that clear the bottom line together with team members and focus on hunting in the forest. The skills taken focus on the ultimate skill, while for skills 1 and 2 just balance it alternately in taking it. For the beginning of the game (at level 1) take skill 2 first for hunting because it can be used 2 times.

Mid Game (Levels 8-12)

After reaching the mid game, Martis’s items have already been made, so Martis should be strong enough and reliable in team fights. Stay focused on hunting, but if there are friends who need help or there is a war, then help them first. If there is an opportunity to kill a turtle, then take advantage of that opportunity, but be careful and check the grass around first to make sure there are no enemies waiting.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)

When it reaches this stage, most of Martis’ items should be ready and can be very helpful with stun attacks during war. Be careful with the opponent’s marksman because usually in the late game the marksman type hero is already very badly damaged. Don’t forget to buy attack potions when money is left to increase Martis’ status. If there are still items to hunt, sell them and buy better and more useful items.

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