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5 Differences between Android and iOS Smartphones

The Android and iOS operating systems have been widely used by the general public. Of course, each operating system has its own characteristics and is different from other systems. Here are some of the differences between Android and iOS smartphones.

1. System
The Android operating system is not always updated like in iOS. Android is usually only updated 1 or 2 times or even not updated at all, so if you want to use the latest operating system, you have to look for a custom OS which may not match the condition of the smartphone and can cause damage to the smartphone.

2. Number of Applications
The number of applications on Google Play Android is more than in the iOS App Store.

3. Battery
Some Android Smartphones have batteries that can be removed and replaced so that if there is damage to the battery it can be replaced immediately without having to go to a service center.

4. Back button
Usually, Android smartphones provide a physical back button to return to the previous menu, but on the iPhone there is no physical button. Usually the back button on the iPhone is in the menu inside the application.

5. Voice Command
On iOS there is Siri for voice commands, while on Android there is Google Now.

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