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The Latest and Strongest Moskov Build Guide in Mobile Legends

Moskov is a marksman hero with a spear weapon that can attack several opponents at once in a straight line. Thus, Moskov is very easy on the clear line because it can attack several creeps at once. Moskov’s passive skill can also reduce the delay or cooldown of his skill every time his attack hits the opponent. Thus Moskov can reactivate the skills he has used within a certain period of time. This passive skill is similar to Cyclops’s which can reduce the cooldown of the skill when the skill attack hits the opponent. Because of this passive skill, we must focus on increasing Moskov’s attack speed and Critical Chance and Damage so that his first skill that increases attack speed can be quickly reused. Moskov’s main items are Berserker Fury and Scarlet Phantom. This is the Latest and Strongest Moskov Build Guide in Mobile Legends.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
In the early game, buy an item to hunt first, then take the first skill when it’s level 1. Then go to the bottom line to get a buff, then clear the middle line. After level 2 take the second skill. Focus on hunting up to level 4 then take the ultimate skill. Take skill 1 and 2 alternately but focus on skill 1 because it increases attack speed every time you level up and is very useful when hunting in the forest or clear line.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
In the mid game, some of Moskov’s items should already be finished, with this Moskov can destroy towers quickly and also hunt faster. If there is an opportunity, use it for a solo turtle. For Lord, it is not recommended unless you manage to defeat 2-3 opposing heroes so that if there are remaining enemy heroes that are still alive and disturbing, they can still be overcome with other team members.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
When it reaches the late game, usually Moskov is very strong and the damage is very painful, but don’t forget if the opponent’s marksman is also getting stronger. Be careful if you meet the opponent’s Marksman, especially Miya and Lesley. Sell ​​the hunt items purchased at the beginning of the game and then buy the Blade of Despair as the last Moskov item.

Build Gear

Haas Claw
Works for lifesteal so Moskov is not easily defeated

Swift Boots
To increase the movement speed and attack speed of Moskov

Berserker Fury
One of Moskov’s main items that are useful for increasing critical damage and critical chance

Scarlet Phantom
This item is one of Moskov’s main items that serves to increase Moskov’s attack speed so that the skill delay is quickly reduced as well.

Increases attack speed and movement speed as well as Moskov’s critical chance

Blade of Despair
Increases Moskov’s damage to make it hurt.

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