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Guide Build Gear Lesley Savage Hurts Mobile Legends

Lesley’s name is certainly no stranger to this season’s Mobile Legends. Lesley is often considered the strongest Marksman because his critical damage is very painful, coupled with his ultimate skill to shoot opponents from a distance. Not only that, when the enemy approaches him, Lesley can use skill 2 to keep the opponent away from him. For emblems, use Marksman or Assassin emblems, while battle spells can use flickr or inspire. Here’s a Guide to Build Gear and Strategies to Play Lesley, the Sickest, Strongest, and Best in Mobile Legends 2021.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
In the early game, buy a hunt item then take the buff on the bottom line. Then immediately go to the mid line to clear the line from creeps. If necessary emerge from the bushes beside the line to attack the opponent first. Focus on leveling in the jungle but don’t forget to keep the mid line from the opponent’s attack. If there is a team that needs help, please help immediately. Use skill 1 in attacking the opponent’s hero or creep. Focus on raising skill 1 and ultimate skill, skill 2 is raised later.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on hunting, if there is an opportunity, use it to kill turtles. Don’t forget to keep an eye on the top and bottom lines, if there is an opposing hero who is dying immediately approach and use the ultimate skill to turn it off.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
In the late game, Lesley is a marksman to be feared. Be careful with assassins who can do fast kills or instant kills against Lesley, such as Natalia who can disappear or Karina who can kill Lesley quickly in the late game. Focus on war and push towers in the late game because the role of marksman is needed in war. If you manage to defeat 2 or more opposing heroes, go to God to defeat them.

Build Gear

Berserker Fury and Scarlet Phantom are the main items for Lesley because Lesley’s Critical Chance and Critical Damage are quite large which are in addition to her passive skills. For shoes, you can use magic shoes with Endless Battle as the lifesteal item, or swift boots with haas claw. Magic shoes with endless battles can reduce Lesley’s cooldown skills by up to 20%, while if you want to focus on basic attacks, you can use swift boots and haas claw. The rest are Windtalker and Blade of Despair.

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