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5 Deadly Combo Heroes in Mobile Legends

In the Mobile Legends game, of course, teamwork will determine victory. Not only teamwork, but the use of heroes is also very influential in achieving victory. With a good selection of heroes and good teamwork, of course victory is not impossible to achieve. Here are 5 hero combos that you can try to apply in the Mobile Legends game.

1. Johnson + Odette
Use Johnson’s ultimate skill to turn it into a car, then Odette just needs to ride it and wait for Johnson to direct the car towards the enemy to hit him. After crashing, Odette will come out then immediately use the Ultimate skill to kill the opponent.

2. Johnson + Angela
The Johnson and Angela combo is very useful for resisting the opponent’s attacks on the front lines because Johnson’s defense which is quite thick is coupled with his shield which automatically appears when his HP is critical, not to mention the additional shield from Angela. Of course Johnson becomes very difficult to beat if a duet with Angela.

3. Franco + Zilong
The Franco and Zilong combo is very useful, especially in the early game when the opponent’s hero defense is still relatively weak, especially against tower attacks. Use skill 1 Franco to attract enemies, followed by skill 1 Zilong so that the enemy enters the tower area.

4. Ruby + Alucard
This 2 hero combo is very deadly, especially if it’s late game because Alucard and Ruby’s damage is already sick. First use the Ruby skill to attract the Enemy then proceed with the 3,1, and 2 Alucard skills. If Ruby and Alucard’s damage is already sick and the one affected by this combo is a mage or marksman, they will most likely die.

5. Ruby + Tigreal + Martis + Odette + Miya
First of all, attract enemies using Ruby’s scythe. After successfully attracting the enemy, the enemy automatically becomes stun exposed to the Ruby skill. The opportunity to attack the enemy is also open, then immediately proceed with Tigreal’s ultimate skill, Martis’ 1 and 2 skills, Odette’s ultimate skill, and Miya can use skill 1 followed by basic attacks. If this combo is successful, of course, the drawn enemy is guaranteed to die. Of course the role of Ruby and Tigreal is very important because Ruby functions to attract and stun the opponent at the beginning and Tigreal to continue to stun Ruby so that the enemy does not have a chance to move or flickr to escape.

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