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5 Most Beautiful Female Heroes in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is indeed an interesting game, because it not only offers tower defense matches, but also offers a variety of interesting skins which when used make the characters or heroes used become more attractive. Likewise with female heroes in Mobile Legends. With a variety of existing skins, these female heroes become more beautiful. Here are 5 female heroes with the most beautiful skins in Mobile Legends.

1. Kagura

From the default skin (Onmyouji Master) alone, Kagura already looks sweet and elegant. Not to mention the release of Kagura’s new skin, Cherry Witch, which makes her even more good looking. With silver hair and beautiful clothes and decorated with cherry blossoms, Kagura looks even more beautiful like the flowers that surround her.

2. Rafaela

With her magic power, Rafaela is able to heal her teammates. Not only able to heal like a doctor, Rafaela is also beautiful and charming, especially with her newest skin, Biomedic, which makes her look like a nurse with wide wings.

3. Layla

One of Layla’s skins that makes her look beautiful is Bunny Babe. With her yellow hair tied in 2 ponytails, she looks so beautiful. Supported by his modern clothes and weapon colors that match the color of his clothes.

4. Miya

Miya’s newest skin is Sweet Fantasy. With this skin, he looks like a winged love angel who is ready to shoot his love. Her appearance is so graceful and attractive.

5. Odette

Odette not only looks beautiful, but also mature. With the Mermaid Princess skin, she looks like the queen of the ocean rulers with her beautiful clothes.

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